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lake011.jpg (115599 bytes)
The "Island Princess" (the boat) at the dock.

lake013.jpg (223602 bytes)
View from the front deck.

lake004.jpg (146065 bytes)
Sherrie sitting on the front deck.

lake007.jpg (206472 bytes)
The cottage from the front.

lake014.jpg (148722 bytes)
The side of the cottage.

lake017.jpg (210059 bytes)
The back of the cottage.

lake025.jpg (138350 bytes) lake029.jpg (73043 bytes) lake042.jpg (63520 bytes)
"On top of the world!" On top of "Rattlesnake Mountain", about 1000 feet behind the cottage.

lake018.jpg (74121 bytes) lake019.jpg (73291 bytes) lake021.jpg (88088 bytes) lake023.jpg (78191 bytes)
A few shots of the inside(below)

Various views of the lake from "Rattlesnake Mountain", in the center of the island.

lake028.jpg (95088 bytes) lake039.jpg (75271 bytes) lake041.jpg (63572 bytes) lake044.jpg (110212 bytes) lake045.jpg (113780 bytes) lake046.jpg (108064 bytes)

Map of Lake Winnipesaukee showing the location of our place (green arrow).
Overall map of Lake Winnipesaukee showing
our place