I couldn't have asked for a better editor. He's No rest for ass viola an asshole, Viola Jean thought as she simply smirked back at him. She had watched his career movements from financial analyst to trader and when they offered him his own office she dreaded becoming his secretary. She almost thought she wouldn't be assigned to him but she'd suddenly received a memo stating she was Mr. Slater's secretary. Boyish good looks, 25 and brilliant but a vicious shark who tried to belittle her because of her lack of formal education.

They'd only worked together four weeks No rest for ass viola to Viola Jean it seemed like 4 years. She smirked at most of his comments and continued to do her job without conflict.

Ramsden, No rest for ass viola you fill my printer with paper? Patrick watched her walk away; he loved to watch Viola Jean around the office. Every day he looked forward to seeing what outfit she'd wear to work.

He No rest for ass viola noticed when she had on something new but never let her know what he knew. Bet he's watching my ass again, Viola thought as she moved around the office. She could feel his eyes on her all the time.

She tried her best to not wear anything too revealing but Patrick always undressed her with his eyes. Today she wore khakis that seemed to hug her ass tightly and a deep V neck sweater that displayed her cleavage nicely. He loved her heart shaped ass especially when she bent over; his dick would harden at the thought of sliding himself into her ass and fucking her to exhaustion.

Viola Jean entered his office with a pack of paper. Viola Jean rolled her eyes and exited Patrick's office. She called her husband to inform him of the overtime. Patrick made sure he was quiet enough to overhear her end of the conversation. I don't know how No rest for ass viola but I'll rush home when I'm done. Love you. Patrick looked a bit more relaxed.

He had taken off his suit jacket and tie and an empty glass sat on his desk which Viola Jean knew was once filled with scotch. She watched him walk past her and lay down on his couch. Patrick lay on the couch and watched her work; his dick jumped every time she licked her lips. Grinning like the Cheshire cat, he No rest for ass viola from the couch and walked over to her.

She was so focused on work that she almost fell out the chair when he slid her towards him. She was puzzled but before she could speak Patrick bent down and covered her mouth with his.

She pulled away from him. What the hell are you doing? Their tongues intertwined, she tasted the expensive scotch that lingered in his mouth.

When the kiss finally broke Viola Jean smacked Patrick's face. Patrick stroked his No rest for ass viola with a smile, his eyes roaming Viola's body. You are drunk and this is unacceptable," she said as she began to walk out of the office. Patrick grabbed her arm. He narrowed his Radhika bathroom nude selfie eyes "Mrs. Ramsden, I think it would be in YOUR best interest to stay here, or you could walk out of this office and walk away from your job.

I doubt you're financially ready to go down that road. Now, please come here and let's continue. Viola hesitated. Patrick was right, it would be a waste of time, energy and money. She couldn't afford a good enough lawyer that would get her a large enough settlement. Reluctantly she walked over to him. One way would be enjoyable for us both and the other would be enjoyable for me.

I couldn't care less which way you choose. He gently massaged her back, making her relax. She watched as his free hand poured scotch into a glass and offered it to her. All the executives know that you're a hard worker and very smart, despite your lack of education. I mean there are some real hot women here but you, god damnit, are a walking chocolate bar. Fuck my wife in sironko smiled.

I want to be able to slide my dick in any hole on your body anytime I can. You'll get a raise, if there any worries about what you'd get out of this. A shiver went down Viola's spine and straight to the nerve endings in her clit.

But I'm trying to have a civilized conversation. I think you deserve that much. Viola's eyes fluttered. Patrick noticed the alcohol take hold of her and leaned forward and began to nibble on the back of her neck.

She smelled like ripe strawberries on warm spring day. She closed her eyes as she tried to fight the way he was making her body feel. This is so wrong, she thought as Patrick's hands glided all over her body. The liquor warmed her; she could feel her panties No rest for ass viola moist. She felt his hand slip underneath her sweater and around to the front of her. His hand traveled up along her tummy and under her bra. He cupped her breast. Viola Jean tensed up.

He quickly removed her sweater and took off her bra. He spun her around; she was now straddling his lap and facing him. Viola Jean closed her eyes as Patrick took her delectable chocolate nipple into his mouth; she moaned as he gently sucked the petite nub. He moved from one breast to the other and Viola Jean didn't plea for him to stop. Patrick could hear her sigh with pleasure as his tongue licked at her sensitive flesh. Her moans and whimpers filled his office as she allowed her body to become overwhelmed with pleasure.

Patrick made Viola stand before him and began to take off her pants. Viola was in a trance and he slid his hands all over her. He twirled her around. He bit his bottom lip as he looked at her. I think I'm going to fuck your ass.

Reaching in his pocket he pulled out handcuffs and cuffed her to the handle of the desk drawer. What are you doing? She knew she should scream or beg him to stop but she just couldn't find the words. Viola grunted as she tried to relax herself around his finger. You should enjoy yourself like you did when I sucked on your Sarah michelle gellar fakes. He slid his finger out and positioned his cock at her tight brown hole.

Gently, he grasped her hips. It's your choice. Her head was swimming with confusion and lust as she felt his cock press against her anus. She felt like she was on fire; passion ripped through her body like electric shocks. He slowly pushed himself into her and almost felt sorry for her when she cried out. When his cock was fully embedded into her ass he whispered softly.

Patrick placed kisses on the back of her neck and roamed his hands along her warm body, relaxing her. He slowly stroked in and out of her as he spoke to her. I'm the only one who may fuck your ass. Are we clear? Patrick continued his rough pace. Viola began No rest for ass viola moan; she arched her back, meeting his thrusts, taking his cock deeper and deeper into her asshole, his balls slapping her clit, his hands caressing her sweat covered body.

Her pussy was aching to cum. Her juices flowed out of her. Patrick sped up his pace as she continued to cum.

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