Watch what happens when a beautiful girl goes drifting as the passenger in a Toyota Supra. As a friend suggested to me earlier today, instead of measuring the power of a car using standard horsepower, maybe all vehicles should be measured by the number of buttons it can pop off the top Russian hot girl boobs a sexy and busty woman.

If that does become the industry standard for measuring vehicle power, the boys at Unfinished Man are changing careers and becoming professional race car drivers. Also, notice in the video how she is not wearing a helmet. Thankfully, she has dual-airbags available. My mission here as a writer at Unfinished man, is to entertain and inform on all things, from cars and gadgets, to reviews and life.

I have a Bachelor in business but never really enjoyed school. I love green tea and pistachios and my favourite fruit is pomegranate weird I know. I Russian hot girl boobs the Russian hot girl boobs but love nature, especially the nature here in my adopted country of Russian hot girl boobs. Boy, The Unfinished Man has really lowered its standards for submissions to the magazine.

Haha, he was right! I replayed the video a few times and maybe paused it too at right moment, lol. You need a section dedicated to boobs and only boobs. This video has been cut JUST before things become interesting. Humanity needs more boobs. Originally published on May 8, in Relationships. Relationships Limerence, Love, and Chemicals. Mike Muson says: November 4, at pm. Faisal says: November 4, at pm.

Justin V says: November 4, at pm. I wonder how much horsepower a car would need to blow the shirt right off the girl?

Shane T says: November 4, at pm. Gina says: November 7, at am. TheAHs says: November 8, at pm. Oh, I just Russian hot girl boobs it. Chad says: November 9, at am. Popular Comments. Being Modern Means Looking Forward. Essential Tremor: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment. VenderKendar says: Personally, I find online sites better than on-site poker clubs.

Russian hot girl boobs can visit Sangam Gaha says: Nepal is organizing a visit year with a goal of attracting more than mill Joseph says: I like your predictions about fashion. I'm slim and I have a hard time trying Kyle Ellis says: I'm sure they work great but it's a shame they don't look sleek and cool like MickJakker says: That's called altruism because the amount of money is miserably small Load More Follow on Instagram.

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