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So in other words no actual children were harmed in the making of this stupid journal. Shame on Sequiera and Shame on Austin Ann Moving on. This makes me uncomfortable to look at Sassy bottoms spanking drawings it doesn't meet my definition of child Sassy bottoms spanking drawings. It's in poor taste but his whole life has been in poor taste so nothing new there.

Who the intended audience was for Sassy bottoms spanking drawings I'm not sure. If this served as spank material no pun intended for pedophiles I can only offer everyone a glass of warm water and baking soda for their nausea, and be glad he went back to making bad music or whatever it is that he does.

I said that Bobby and Barb were into some different stuff This art is pretty different than the stuff Kara s porno video any of the walls I have Sassy bottoms spanking drawings seen.

I said that the mere presence of this type of thing ends up hurting him at parole boards in front of people who dont understand alternative art Certainly Sequiera takes full advantage of it I said that the parole boards were very hard on him compared with the others, and that he Best ass on the intenet unfairly prejudged because of things like this Which he is : I also said it was hard to feel sorry for him - a Murderer, torturer, drug dealer, lairand thief I feel less badly now- I am quite certain I nailed it But I will still agree to keep quiet on the subject in a gesture of good will Hey by the way- one last shot its been a long day and couple of weeks- No children were harmed in the making of those journals and they may not have ever acted on those thoughts- but they obviously had them Again - choices.

They could have done art on any subject they chose. Spanking little kids was the best way to go they seem to have felt. Well said Leigh. Not my cup of tea but not child porn. Shame on you Col for being so boring. How bout adding something to the TLB discourse-that's much more interesting than condemning those raising questions-as Austin Ann did.

She did you a service by piquing your interest in the matter, which you are clearly passionate about. Barbara did the charcoal drawings. I too am sickened by the subject matter. It is not however child porn. It's just sick. Circumstance said But I will still agree to keep quiet on the subject in a gesture of good will.

I and probably most of the people that read your posts enjoy your opinions and perspective. Bending to the will of a bully is giving the bully exactly what they want. I don't agree with you all of the time Sassy bottoms spanking drawings I value your opinions and enjoy reading your posts. Remember, us Dead Heads have to stick together. For those that don't know, like it or not, we are everywhere Sassy bottoms spanking drawings more thing Saint.

Please stop explaining yourself and apologizing. You don't need to or have to. AustinAnn has shown Sequeira to be the douche that Saint said he was. Kudos AA. You made us think! Leigh, my litmus test for "sick" like yours apparently is my stomach. When it gets funky and requires baking soda I know I have encountered sick. This is sick. Matt you will recall that we spoke about Bobby's hearings even before I did my Bruce post.

I read all the more recent parole Transcripts on Ceilo Drive. I was fired up back then to do a post about how Sassy bottoms spanking drawings the parole board treated Bobby- I sent you all the relevant parts remember???

I was actually going to do a pro Bobby post about the board and how ridiculous they were treating him I am not bias lol. But I have seen these pics before and am aware of other things as well Then Barbara died and that became a story I mentioned that it was sort of strange that she would go Sassy bottoms spanking drawings so much trouble to get close enough to fall in love with a convicted criminal I tried to say it tactfully in light of her passing.

I could have done a post to fire back and point many things out to spell it out exactly I just used words like different. Sassy bottoms spanking drawings questioned the choices she made and that they made generally without naming or pointing to any of this specifically Now that people see what I didn't bring directly out myself- I think different was Sassy bottoms spanking drawings very generous term But Doc and everyone else I am going to keep smoking and trying :.

My ass is looking redder than some of the asses in those pictures and thats not good at my age. I am out for awhile. What am I doing anyway. Not porn, but Just, ew. Where would you hang it? Would it make a good conversation piece at Thanksgiving with the in-laws?

An instructional diagram for the babysitter? The dinky laptop I use at home is rather slow, so I have to browse Eviliz at either the public or university libraries.

I opened up the page today Sherm, that is hilarious! Call Stacey, the official Eviliz bondswoman if you need bailin' out. I can't help but think about what a gallery showing of these masterpieces would be like. Would the artist really attend? How would you name some of these gems?

So BB ain't the smartest guy in the world. Neither his wife if she somehow thought this was a good idea. BB is such an artist, he is an artiste. He felt fortunate that a gallery agreed to show his art, but then felt exploited when the gallery happened to mention in its publicity that BB is connected with CM and The Family. Shocker, right. I mean why else would a gallery put up paintings of flying winged penises? Ever see any of that displayed in anybody's home?

So, Bruce probably gets paroled. Bobby, not so much. Did Bobby have any part in drawings Sassy bottoms spanking drawings like this? According to those parole documents, certain illustrations were determined as being by him.

End of story, that's gross. That's not Pear's Soap Baby cute. I really wish I hadn't seen those. Stuff of nightmares. God, some people. And good Lord, the Colonel gets some sense. Can he maybe stop calling Pat and Leslie 'murdering harlots' now? Can he see that a frightened girl staring paralysed into an empty room, in a state of such psychological shock that her brain closes down Sassy bottoms spanking drawings hearing to protect her from the worst of it, and who Sassy bottoms spanking drawings forced by a Sassy bottoms spanking drawings speed-crazed madman into stabbing a dead woman, is not a murdering harlot?

Leslie's crazed behaviour after the killings, hysterically wiping down everything, even from inside drawers, til Pat took hold of her and led her away, speaks volumes, as does her subsequent self-starvation And that Pat Krenwinkel's level of remorse is a daily torture for her? Significantly little remorse from Bobby and his endless story changes. Also, nobody 'danced in Sharon's blood'.

Even crazy pathetic Susan didnt make up that one. No actual children were harmed? Unless there were actual children who were molested by perverts who used this 'stupid journal' to work themselves up and then Sassy bottoms spanking drawings out and slaked their desires, or more likely, did it to their Sassy bottoms spanking drawings family memebers?

Guys like the disgusting old pervert who tried to molest me in the cinema when I was 8? Of course children are harmed by such depictions. These illustrations are sickening,this is not subject matter that involves consenting adults.

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