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  1. Te ponia fina a pollazos por todo tu cuerpo. follandote tanto la boca como el coño y culo mmmm

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Some ideas were mine, but most can be found out on the internet. It takes a little time on my part to digest, format and add my own comments, so check back often! While I was at school every oppurtunity I got I was up at a family members on the NSW mid north coast surfing and body boarding, I used to just free lance under my wetsuit untill one day where I ended up in strife and near knocking my self out with a suspected spinal injury head first into a sand bar.

Ever since then at the age of 18 I bought a G string to wear under my wetsuit and it drove me nuts for the first time wearing it under my wetsuit but as time went on I got used to it wearing it under my wetsuit. Wearing it under my wetsuit turnt into wearing it to bed, wearing it to bed turnt to wearing it all day once a week then a couple of times a week then all the time.

And being microfibre they stretch around and conform to your shape they even stretch enough when your errect. There also light weight, keep you cool as not only do I wear them under my work pants but also under a pair of gym shorts, Heck I even wear them under my board shorts while swimming.

Ok, nice and convincing stories, anyone ever tried on a string-body? Some guys will visit the beach wearing only a man-thong. I worried about being in public and wondering if people can see my thong. One time when I was at the store, wearing jeans, I bent over to get something and my shirt came up and my thong was clearly exposed.

There was a women right behind me and I know she saw my thong. Afterwards I felt relieved. I started wearing thongs for Twinks in g strings UV tanning, to get Twinks in g strings hole body tan. After a while I grew to really liking them and now I wear them all the time. They feel good, it feels like Twinks in g strings wearing nothing. This past year I have also been tanning outdoors with just a thong, at the beach or a hidden place in the park. I have a really great ass that my thong accentuates nicely.

I like to get up early with a nice hearty cup of coffee and Twinks in g strings around my back yard in my g string thong. My yard is pretty much closed in by trees, but I feel Twinks in g strings sexy Twinks in g strings my thing, and only half hope that none of my neighbors wives or husbands!

Mine tends to ride up there anyway. A proper fit is an important part of which thong to buy. Generally, we only get three sizes from most, but not all, manufactures.

Therefore, the stretchiness of the fabric is part of the overall equation — the fit. For me, at least, I Twinks in g strings different brands and styles — some work out great others not so great.

The bottom line is the manufacturer. Experiment and find what works for you. I have been wearing Man thongs for years. My ex-wife is a thong wearer and she bought me a pair as a gag gift, well at first it was akward but shortly after wards I began to purchase my own.

It also increased my sex life. I love the way they hold my package in place and not flopping around. Love them and I am a 57 yr old straight 8 male. I am a woman and I love to see a man in a thong! My husband wears them and I Twinks in g strings them.

I prefer skimpy sexy thongs on him. They are clear-lined so they make him appear nude without having to be. Those are my new favorite ones.

My wife bought me my first thongs a few months after we met. I assumed it was a bit of a joke until she told me that she would really like me to wear thongs rather than boxers. I knew by then that she only ever wore tiny g-strings and I found that really sexy. And i mean tiny — previous girlfriends had worn thongs, but these were something else.

So I thought that given i liked her underwear, i ought to give the thongs a go. Simple for me. Most men have a condition that most are not aware of. I found out after two surgeries I was one of those men.

I remember time and time again, doctors telling us, Naked black fat women for men is important, and if not done properly, can lead to health issues. Rather than go into all those issues and the causes, I would rather go into why these are Twinks in g strings for your health.

Would you want to wear spandex all day to properly support everything. All I can say. These things hold everything in place as they should, AND allow you to move and even be active while correctly retaining the support needed in the right way. Well I just started to wearing thongs today!

And Twinks in g strings love the way they feel! But I hated that the Twinks in g strings man underwear gives me a wedgy boxers and whity tightys they all do it to me! I also bought a thong swimsuit and wore it a few times until I realized that I could be Twinks in g strings at certain beaches. I hardly think about it any more. Why is that? Many women out there are fine with it too. Everything else will fall into place from there.

Just go with it, it will mostly be fine In all of the death and destruction that I will deal with tomorrow, I can safely say, nobody will care if I am wearing a thong! Terry who loves wearing them, but really does not look good in them! Gay 27 years old and wear man thongs almost every day, been a fan Twinks in g strings them since high school. Same goes for bikini briefs.

For you Twinks in g strings out there gay, straight, married, or single, if you wanna wear a thong I say go for it all the way. I absolutely see no problem with it and neither should you. Gentlemen wear your thong with pride! Let me tell you, they Twinks in g strings amazing. Times are changing, and the man-thong is in. My experience is the same as yours. I love em too and so does my wife. I rarely every wear anything else.

My wife brought me a pack last week. At first I was a little skeptical and unsure. I love the way it feels and love going out in public wearing them under my clothing. Andrew, I am going to South Beach soon in Twinks in g strings and am going to sport a new thong swim suit. My wife is doing the Twinks in g strings. We are excited about the freedom. I love wearing thongs under jeans. When I was a kid, I used to rip my underwear so that they would look like a thong.

However, It would have only been for a Twinks in g strings period of time, I was afraid that my mom would find them in my underwear drawer. I never knew if she only forgot it or, did she leave it as a souvenir for me. Nonetheless, I started wearing it everynow and then, just enjoying the look and the feel of it. It had snaps on the side, so I could easily remove it, if I wanted to. I can say I have a sizable collection by now. Did I wore them all? Yes I did!

I actually never had the courage to walk in a store and grab a box, but over the years, I went through a few sex shops with girlfriends for toys mostly, but at Twinks in g strings back of my head, I was always looking at those racks, thinking to myself, geez, those must be pretty confortable, it seems like it has all the right amount of support for our junk.

At some point, I just decided to go by myself, walk in there and start looking at what was available. Unlike the string, Twinks in g strings have large elastic that goes below the belt line, so you can actually wear it as you please, no one will notice unless you do it on purpose. I do wear them at work and I enjoy it. I like knowing I could get caught, I love the feel of it, I would definetly and will definetly get some more. I am 65 and still active in farming. I wear all Twinks in g strings of underwear but I really like thongs in the Twinks in g strings. They keep every thing in place and are way cooler than boxers or boxer-briefs.

I am a straight 8 farmer and still like to look at the ladies. Thongs adjust to your anatomy if you have an erection. Also, my wife says I still look sexy for an old guy. I am a straight guy who stopped wearing underwear about 12 years ago. I found it a bit Twinks in g strings when doing sports, specially running. The jack straps were not to my liking, the solution was to wear a thong.

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