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JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. The best page for sexy webcams, check it out today. Jan 30, 6. I started going to the local YMCA a while back to swim as it was the only place around with an indoor pool and would open early enough for me to go before work each day.

As Ymca old time nude pictures goes Anne judson yager porn, I get to know most of the folks who swim there in the mornings.

They are mostly women, 2 of them who happen to be in great shape even though they are a bit older. One gentleman swam with us fairly regularly but due to health issues, he started showing up as we all were finished. After reading about the dress code for the pool in years past, I brought it up one morning with the girl who works the front counter. I told her I did an online search, using YMCA, pool, etc and saw Ymca old time nude pictures discussion about skinny dipping.

She thought it was interesting. Sam and marie nude in mind most of these women are over I told her that since only about 5 of us until about every day except Tuesdays 2 triatheletes swim on Tuesdayswhy even bother wearing one. As I was heading to the locker room that morning, I looked and realized that there were only 2 other people in the far lanes from where we swam.

It was hard to tell though, just how serious she was. Time to test the waters. He usually starts swimming about 10 minutes before most of the ladies Ymca old time nude pictures up. One of them even jokes a bit and I can tell she has a dirty mind.

We all Ymca old time nude pictures in the pool as soon as the door is unlocked and everyone starts their routine.

We all have our own lanes except for 3 ladies who normally use the larger area together so they can gossip and use the handicapped ramp. I wear some nylon shorts that are one solid color and no logos, etc.

I realized that in a hurry, I could just pull them on and not worry about them being on backwards. Since the most hard core female swimmer was in the farthest lane and has horrible eyesight, I slipped off my shorts but kept my hand around the waistband and through one leg so I could Ymca old time nude pictures get them back on. She giggled a bit and took them. I did 2 laps and came back for them. She said she wanted to see me get them back on while still in the water.

I did and she said she was impressed. Now that the ice was broken, more fun was about to be had. The things I learned from those old ladies. More to come. Barebuns Love to do 3somes and trade stories of our youth! Dec 15, 3, Coldspring, TX. I was there during the time guys swam nude at Ymca old time nude pictures YMCA. During the change over making the YMCA coed as required by law during the civil rights movement when discrimination was approached, the Y elected to go coed.

Telling moms about what they saw, etc. Get it back like it was! CFNM is perfect in the whirlpools until the bubbles stop, when it shuts off automatically being on timers!

In order to get that lady with the worn suit, to go nude, you can offer to go first, so it is even, LOL! They probably wouldn't mind seeing a younger guy with an erection anyhow! Last edited: Feb 2, Apr 30, You have so much potential to exploit this situation! No doubt you will be inundated with advice from those telling you how you should proceed, but personally I think you should continue with caution.

If you read my posts you will see that I have achieved a degree of success that most guys would envy, and I have done so by adopting a "softly, softly" approach. Take your time and win the confidence of the ladies involved by gradual degrees. I will watch this thread with great interest. Good luck, my friend! Nov 2, 5, This all happened last year and I've since stopped going for a while due to needing to cut back on expenses for a few months.

I'm still in shock sometimes when I think about what I did and what I was encouraged to do by those women. Since there doesn't seem to be a big interest though, this may be the last update. I had to wait a few days but one morning, there were just Ymca old time nude pictures Nude alloy ash tattoo us when the pool opened.

The one lady who was practically blind without her glasses who swims in the farthest lane, myself, and the dirty minded lady. As I got in, I started to take off my shorts and I noticed her looking at me. She had a big grin and flat out asked me if I was going Ymca old time nude pictures swim nude today.

I Staff shaved her head her that was the intent and she got pretty happy. I left my shorts on the bottom of the pool near the wall and swam laps. Other people started to show up to go in the gym and they could see in very easily if they wanted so I chose not to push things too far. The lifeguard never seemed to notice because she was busy with her daily tasks during that time. She had the biggest grin the entire time and never took her eyes Taya parker penthouse pet my pool-shrunken cock.

MaineFlasher Have I introduced you to my genitals? Jun 1, 1, I understand that my local YMCA pool used to be used nude too. The story I heard is that when women were first allowed nothing changed, all of the men continued to swim nude. The women wore suits ad complained so that after none too long the men were also asked to cover themselves. I would have loved to have been a member, and show my member, during that transition. I decided to play it cool and just let it just be a fun little event and not risk anything more.

I even took a few weeks off just to let things dissipate. It was during the summer and just before a long holiday weekend of some sort so the pool had thinned out as well as only 2 people in the exercise room. Knowing that Ymca old time nude pictures not a good thing, I ran out to see what was happening. I had just taken off my wet shorts so I Ymca old time nude pictures in my towel.

When I got Ymca old time nude pictures to the poolside, I saw the lifeguard swimming up to a large Ymca old time nude pictures who was face down in the water. I was a volunteer search and rescue member for a few years so my instincts were to just rush to help. We got Ymca old time nude pictures out, laid him on a backboard Ymca old time nude pictures started CPR. An AED was brought over so I yelled for someone to bring us some towels to dry him off before we tried to shock him.

By this time, there were about 8 total people standing around the lifeguard and I as we worked on this guy who was in bad shape. I think the people in the exercise room just left and went home.

The ambulance arrived and someone draped a towel Tamil aunty world sex me, in an effort to protect my modesty I guess. She even held it around Ymca old time nude pictures as we rolled the guy out to the ambulance. Neither the crew nor I paid any attention to what was going on with me.

Everyone outside the back of the ambulance Ymca old time nude pictures treated to a full moon Ymca old time nude pictures morning. A few others giggled. I looked around and being the only male there at that moment, I took advantage of the situation and calmly walked back inside as if nothing had happened. I went and picked up my soaked towel and began to wring out the water when the lifeguard came up and thanked me for helping her.

We talked for a few minutes while everyone else gathered their belongings and headed for the locker rooms.

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