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Sign In. A Woman Scorned Hide Spoilers. Thank you Shannon Tweed! This is the first Shannon Tweed movie I watched and since I'm a big fan of hers. As everyone has mentioned, this has the same plot as "The Hand That Rocks The Craddle" but with soft core sex at it's best and a sexier villain. I love the revenge-sex movies. The way Mrs. Tweed comes into him, how she uplifts her dress and later rides him is brilliant.

But the scene that has changed the genre is the pool table sex scene maybe not at explicit as in "Body Chemistry 4" where Blonde wife wet pussy leans and Andrews' does A woman scorned sex scene behind.

Her face, her moans, the whole scene is worth your money. Watch "Scorned" to get into the fantastic Shannon Tweed and have a good time, because the movie is somewhat entertaining. It features Shannon Tweed's at her most sexier and kinkier form. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. Smooth B 7 January The first time I seen this movie, I was overwhelmed at how great Shannon Tweed acted.

I mean, she literally became Amanda. This wasn't the usual B-movie. The story was written in a way so, if you toned down the sex and put A-list talent in the roles, it could be a successful major motion picture. Shannon Tweed stars as Amanda, a woman whose husband just committed suicide. He was extremely disappointed he didn't get the promotion he so valiantly strived for.

Instead it went to his biggest rival, played by Andrew Stevens. Amanda decides to get even by posing as a tutor, coming to help the man's son do better in school. She A woman scorned sex scene on her insatiable feminine charms, and slowly weaves a web of seduction over the entire family. She makes sure the wife can't interfere by drugging her liberally; she sleeps with the son, and afterwards sleeps with the father while the son is watching, mind you, and she KNEW he was watching.

Of course this makes the son turn on his father. The ending is quite good too, and the A woman scorned sex scene it ended made you actually want to cheer for Amanda! Even though she was the "villain" in this movie, she's the "good" villain. A well-written story, given the limitations of the cast. See it the next time it's on in your part of town.

I would think that it's a monumentally bad idea to hire a A woman scorned sex scene that looks like Shannon Tweed for your high school boy.

It's obvious what happens after that. The movie isn't so high quality, but Shannon Tweed looks very good in this film. She's out for revenge on the man and his family A woman scorned sex scene lied to and made her husband commit suicide. As mentioned earlier, the production of this movie is mediocre, but A woman scorned sex scene of Andrew Stevens is good, and so is Shannon Tweed's.

Michael D Arenz puts in a good show as well. A woman scorned sex scene a bit exploitative film, but is a guilty entertainment as well, and is worth a watch. Sandcooler 8 January Come to think about, she wouldn't have been a bad pick for "Basic Instinct" either. This could be the nudity talking, but she's able to look and act way more evil than Sharon Stone ever could. The plot for what it's worth: after a guy can't get promotion despite lending his wife to the right people, he like, totally kills himself.

His wife, Good black fucking xxx, demands vengeance and wants to kill the total jerk who did get the promotion, Alex Weston. Only her idea of vengeance is having wild sex with everybody around him. That'll teach 'em. The audience is given what it wants: ye olde soft core classics pool table anyone? The A woman scorned sex scene actually proves to be good, even if by accident.

For instance, the maid interrupts what could have easily become another steamy sex scene, and you just want her to like, not be there. Then she gets killed. Again, they know what the audience wants. Could you believe it,a soft core movie with a plot that actually kinda makes sense. The ending was both fairly surprising and I should mention hot. If you're ever going to watch soft core accept no substitute.

Brian 26 May If you have watched Shannon Tweed movies before and if your like me you enjoy them. This one Scorned is one of my favorites, and why not the plot is interesting the characters all fit perfect and also Shannon Tweed A woman scorned sex scene just as sexy as ever. In fact I think maybe this might be the best Shannon movie she looks just great in this!

Now on with the story Shannon finds out that her husband takes his own life when he is cheated out of promotion by an executive Andrew Stevens then Shannon has her revenge. Arenz of Stevens. You name it Shannon is at her wicked best by seducing, drugging, and destroying the life of all three.

In the end Shannon wins the son Michael D. Arenz away from Andrew and Kim only to have destroyed them emotionally. Great acting from Tweed and great story. Remember when a woman wants revenge the fury is like fire and it causes a scorn. This movie is one that I'm glad I have taped and have in my video collection. Scorned Scores corvus-3 28 September Afraid of looking at you too long. Afraid of standing too close to you. Afraid that right now I could justify almost anything," says Alex Weston, the young yuppie patriarch of the film, making the pivotal point just before he sinks his 8 ball in Amanda's rear pocket.

Although he doesn't understand it yet, his Gleem-clean, Tide-sparkling, perfectly dysfunctional American family is being methodically diced like a finger caught in a Cuisineart. The horror is in its ease. Trained by ruthless advertisers selling consumerism, the Westons are so part of the circus they don't even see the greasepaint. Amanda does them a favor, really. By bringing things to a quick boil, A woman scorned sex scene diverts them from the slow burn.

And it's a bad copy. But that's just why it's so good. In mainstream films with solid, well-acted characterization, you spend your time A woman scorned sex scene motivation and visually-drawn psychology. In "Scorned", the characters are mere sticks moved by the plot, and their symbolic import becomes quickly apparant.

Tweed's such a drool, you can't take your eyes off her. And that's just the point. You chide the Weston's fixation for the proverbial carrot and call it, snobbishly, a shallow root, yet you're waiting to see what A woman scorned sex scene gonna wear--or not wear--in the next scene.

Figure it out, Doctor. Feels like Gotchaitis to me. I gave this film a "10" not because it is a great film generally, but because it is about the best in the class of "erotic thriller. They are generally cheesy cop stories about some crazed rapist, and involve lots of victimization of women of one kind or another. Ah, but this film is different. This film rises to Indonesian sexy girls xxx level of average film-making.

The plot is serious and interesting. The characters are believable. Even the evil seductress is believable in this film! Plot: Shannon Tweed and her husband are a couple of libertine yuppies in the s.

Their party lifestyle is taking its toll on them however. They have crushing financial problems. When her husband pulls out all of the stops to net a big client and ends u losing the deal, he kills himself in shame. Shannon is enraged and heartbroken, and seeks vengeance on the man who won the client by infiltrating Kratika sangar xnxx pohtos ful home and setting his family against one another.

Tweed is at her sexiest in this film, seducing men, women and children to further her evil schemes. In between the steamy scenes, you might find yourself actually caring about the plot. An added bonus in my book is that the usual theme of female victims is absent from this "erotic thriller. This may be a bonus for any women searching for spicier cinematic fare without the emphasis on powerless women.

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