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However, in a very short time, only Fuck my wife in sironko ended up with the 'open' idea of it. She already was fucking around with several other guys before and after we wed. I knew, accepted and loved, the fact that she was basically an insatiable nymphomaniac. Actually, I encouraged her to have as much sex as humanly possible.

I put her on birth control, and brought her plenty of sexy clothes to wear when she went out to pick up other guys. And after just a few months of marriage, I ended up being cuckolded for about the next 7 years! But in the beginning, maybe 6 weeks or so into the marriage, we met a couple, Allan and Sue. The guy lived in the neighborhood, his girlfriend lived out of town but spent the weekends with him.

We all hung out together that Friday and by the evening my wife let me know that she desired to get together with Allan. And that he had indicated to her that his girlfriend would be up for the idea of swapping.

At least, that's how it seemed. That night Fuck my wife in sironko wife wore a skimpy blouse, pleated short skirt and heels. No bra or panties. I knew she Fuck my wife in sironko out to get laid for sure. Jana defi maria swan big boobs anticipation of swinging with another couple was overwhelming. And I imagined us getting together with them many more times. They arrived early and we were all sitting around over at our place just bullshitting, when my Fuck my wife in sironko went to the kitchen.

When she came back, she sat on the other side, next to Allan, on the floor, leaving me and Sue together on the Fuck my wife in sironko. I thought, ok, good, here we go. I saw Allan right away lean back and put his arm around my wife. So then I leaned close to Sue and said something like "this is really nice, huh? She just smiled a bit. By then I saw Allan and my wife kissing, and I mean they Fuck my wife in sironko starting to make out like crazy.

I snuggled up to Sue and started to kiss her shoulder. She didn't respond at all, though. Then she slid Dick between xxx boobs next to Allan and joined my wife in making out with him. So I got down next to her and tried to get in on the action once more.

But Sue pulled away from me and sort of crawled onto both Allan and my wife. I was beginning to see what was happening, but I got up and went to the kitchen to get us all some more drinks.

As I returned in just two or three minutes, the three of them were already half naked and all over each other. Realizing that, most likely, Sue and I were not going to get it on, Fuck my wife in sironko decided to lay down and cozy up to my wife on her side, pathetically humping on her. By then my wife's top was off and Allen's hand was up her skirt. Sue had Allen's cock out and was beginning Fuck my wife in sironko suck on it.

That's about when my little wifey turned to me and whispered "Honey, why don't you just go to bed. I'll see you in the morning, ok? And I'll never forget the feeling in the pit of my stomach. I fell back and just laid there a minute when my wife, now sounding quite annoyed said "Go, already! That was probably my first real submission to my wife. And I knew that the next morning when I see Allan and Sue again that I'll feel disgraced and ashamed, everyone knowing that Sue did not want me and even my wife didn't want me there with them.

Needless to say, I did not sleep at all that night, just laid there masturbating, hearing the passionate sounds of my wife satisfying the two of them. And them gratifying her with many orgasms all night long and into the morning. As I came a few times myself, though, I realized that the severe humiliation I was feeling brought me the most intense orgasms I had ever felt till then! Allan and Sue spent the next night at our place again.

However, they all went straight to the bedroom and I was left to 'sleep' on the sofa. Fuck my wife in sironko, I came better then ever, just jerking off, listening to what was going on in our bed. Sue left Sunday but Allen spent the rest of the week with us, him and I doing my wife Fuck my wife in sironko every night.

She seemed to enjoy it very much, though she paid much more attention to him then to me. Allen spent the following weekend at Sue's apartment. Fuck my wife in sironko he got back he told us that he and Sue 'broke up', giving no details. Although, later on, my wife and I figured that maybe he left Sue for my wife, because Allan practically moved in with us at that point. The three of us continued to 'sleep' together, with my wife in the middle.

And I loved the sight and feeling of Allen fucking her with me. But that didn't last long, maybe another week or so, as Allen took over the bedroom and my wife and I was moved to the living room.

I quickly ended up 'serving' them. Literally, served them drinks in the evening and breakfast in the morning. When I returned from work everyday, I helped wifey get ready for her long night of sucking and fucking.

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