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Story Story Writer Forum Community. Great Inuyasha and Kagome Romance Stories. Bringing you only the best in Inuyasha and Kagome romance stories. He gave her the answer. He gave her so much more. He promised everything would be okay. Had Kagome waited years for this moment? Had Kagome and inuyasha sex moment on the bridge changed everything for the better? Kagome had Kagome and inuyasha sex planned to spend the holiday alone, but her plans are put on hold when she sees a boy sleeping in the alleyway.

Just who is he? Like hell he'd let her go without a fight. He loved her, she was his everything, is his everything. Just thinking about a world without her killed him. Inuyasha would do anything to Kagome and inuyasha sex the woman he loved, even though he knows he's the reason she's gone, the Kagome and inuyasha sex she's in pain. Absurd hilarity ensues. Falling Star by PinkCatsy reviews Kagome gets way caught up in the moment during a concert, I mean kissing a member of the best boy band ever, the Sengoku Scenesters?

But even crazier is Inuyasha kissing back. Now he and his bandmates are on the run from his psycho girlfriend Speak by Sassybratt reviews AU: She is a new student at a new school with a terrible past.

Ever since the accident that claimed her father's life, she hasn't breathed a word Full Summary Inside. When one of them finds her in Nikko and brings her back she realizes a lot has changed. Will feelings still be the same or will grudges be held?

As if. And yet, he tells me to "read between the lines". Who does that? But what I didn't know, didn't realize, was that it helped me to read between the lines of my non-existent love life InuKag, OneShot. Then Inuyasha starts to fall for Kagome Someone wants Inuyasha dead. She dances, d. She loves to dance, but her mother doesn't exactly like the idea. Kagome couldn't imagine what her mother would do if she discovered her working at the club, let alone dancing there.

What happens when things get rough? Her friends would do anything for her, what happens when they find out what goes on at home? Is it wrong to think wrong is right? She wouldn't know And this is a humour fic? Kagome is down Kagome and inuyasha sex her luck, so when she rubs the bottle of the Genie Inuyasha, she thinks Kagome and inuyasha sex life has changed for the better.

She's met her Prince Charming and she Kagome and inuyasha sex live happily ever after. Yet, her happily ever after doesn't seem to be coming fast enough, and everything seems to be going downhill. He still cares about her. She wants nothing to do with him. He wants everything to do with her. She wants him to know how much she hates him. He doesn't want her to know how much he loves her! InuTaisho returns from a seven year war with the humans, defeated.

When he is assasinated, it's up to his sons to get revenge! InuKag MirSan Pairings. Inuyasha and Kikyo are Kagome and inuyasha sex hottest couple in their school Inuyasha wants Kikyo back so he uses Kagome, a geeky nobody, to make Kikyo jealous. How will things turn out? The Life of a Devil by SnowShadowuser reviews Kagome, an assassin, finds out that she has only two months to live thanks to a mysterious and deadly virus Shared Blood by Lazuli reviews This is a story of an alternate universeif youkai were the rulers and had the humans as slaves.

A tale of one human and a hanyou that overcame the views of their society and how they survived together, and what they gave up to get there. Plain Normality by SnowShadowuser reviews All Kagome wanted was to be the sneakiest, devilish little paparazzo there ever was. But saving the wrong woman at the Kagome and inuyasha sex time got her a oneway trip to the altar with the man she least wanted to marry Picture Perfect by JoFoxx reviews Inuyasha Takahashi's a well known billionaire while Kagome Higurashi is just trying to get by in life.

What happens when a certain picture of Kagome is circulated on the internet and intrigues a Kagome and inuyasha sex hanyou? I am back and hope to finish this story during Spring Break! My husband?

My greatest enemy! The problem is that Inuyasha is a hormone-driven player who is ready to do anything to make Kagome his, and she hates him more that anyone Hot moments, should be rated higher but NOT M.

Missing in Action by FrameofMind reviews Complete. Kagome is a member of the French Resistence, and the 'companion' of Colonel Kouga, a Kagome and inuyasha sex German officer. But things get complicated when their paths cross Terms of Service.

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