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I was It was a warm day, the sultry air was barely moving as sweat dripped down my face and neck. Humidity moistened my paper fan and it hung limp in my hand, no relief. My brother languished beside me on Let s get naked back steps of our house. What on earth could we do for some fun that would make this heat bearable we wondered? We lived in Tanzania, East Africa and on the outskirts of town there was a Greek school that had a pool on its grounds.

Some friends had the same idea and we saw them parked by the pool, their parents promising to return in a couple of hours. My brother and I waved as mom drove away.

Nothing could be better than swimming on a hot afternoon in an outdoor pool with our friends! All I know is that we loved it and giggled uncontrollably at the delicious thoughts. Six sets of bathing suits flying in the air landed on the Let s get naked cement pool deck far out of reach.

We were at an impasse. We needed a plan! We counted in unison. Pulling and Let s get naked we Let s get naked ripped them so we could get them on before anyone else was done and had turned back around. As I got older those fears turned into Let s get naked. Most of the people we meet never know how crippled we are on the inside.

Fear is like layers and layers of clothing we put Let s get naked the more we add the more restrictive they become. Do you struggle like I do? Here are three keys that have helped me:. Turn to the Lord. My help comes from the Let s get naked, the maker of heaven and earth. Tune in to your fear. Voice it, name it, look it square in the eye. Event fear stops you at the height of the devastation you are afraid of and keeps you from thinking any further than that point.

The Let s get naked has been with us before, he will be with us again. He will guide us to respond to each situation with his wisdom and in his love.

He will never leave us!! By voicing our fears, giving them a name we bring them out into the open so we can use the word of Eva lovia nude shower as a ruler or benchmark of truth against the lies Satan wants us to believe.

Thank the Lord for the opportunity to see his love at work. When we throw our anxieties on him he cares for us so much that he takes them and carries them for us. It releases us from trying to manipulate the outcome. It frees us. Thanks Yvonne…so important right?! God is so good!

So, we did as agreed. Honestly, rather than freedom I feel fear. Please share Embrace Your Pain! Love this, Rhonda! Rhonda says: Posted on January 23, at am. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

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