Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. SpongeBob: Anything for my bestest buddy. There's no better way. I could've spent my lunch drink. Patrick: That's a pretty cool face. Spongebob squarepants face freeze do you think of this? Krabs: [snores] Ooh. I know this sound. It's the sound of me money being flushed down the toilet! Why aren't you manning the fryer? SpongeBob: Sorry, sir. I got carried away. Patrick and I here are making faces at each other. Patrick: Funny faces Spongebob squarepants face freeze me laugh!

Krabs: What?! Are you out of your liquid-absorbing mind? SpongeBob: Why, is there something wrong? Krabs: Haven't ye ever heard the saying "If you don't stop making that face, it'll freeze that way"? SpongeBob and Patrick: Uuh, no! Krabs: Let me tell you the story of face freeze.

And the one he liked best was to stick his tongue out. Krabs: Until one day, when he stuck his tongue out for the th time, [Fred raspberries] his face froze with his tongue sticking out Fred: Huh, huh Krabs: Permanently! Mable: Weirdo. Fred: [muffled] No Krabs: He couldn't open his mouth for months. Until one day, his tongue dried up and fell off! SpongeBob and Patrick: Oh, no! Krabs: So are you gonna keep making faces, boys?

SpongeBob and Patrick: Mm-mm. Krabs: Good. I hope Spongebob squarepants face freeze learned your lesson. SpongeBob: I'm glad Mr. Krabs caught us before it was too late. Let's agree never to make faces again. Patrick: Done and done. SpongeBob: Patrick! Don't even smile. That's considered making a face. Patrick: Right, gotcha. No problem. Not gonna make faces. No faces SpongeBob: No faces This is How you holding up? Patrick: Huh, fine.

Patrick: What? SpongeBob: Look at us. We're okay. Our faces didn't freeze. SpongeBob: Guess, Mr. Krabs made a mistake. Well, now that we know his tall Best new porn stars hardcore isn't true, let's make lots of faces. Patrick: You mean like this? SpongeBob: [laughs] Aw! Patrick: Phee! SpongeBob: Ay yi yi yi Spongebob squarepants face freeze yi! Patrick: Dun ree ah yee!

SpongeBob: Doy doy doy doy! Patrick: Ah ah ooh! SpongeBob: Duh! Patrick: Aydh! Spongebob squarepants face freeze Awoot duh doo! Patrick: Looo ooo ooo! SpongeBob: Day ah dah da dah!

Let's really put this myth to the test. Let's see Spongebob squarepants face freeze happens when me hold one face for a long time. Patrick: Yes! But, now do you choose just one? Um, well, let's see. Oh, oh How about an eye cross, [Makes his eyes go up to the top of Spongebob squarepants face freeze head] uh? And then slip into and overbite.

Gah lowh. SpongeBob: [chuckles] Delightfully wicked, my friend. I call this one Patrick: [chuckles] Gloriously disgusting, sir. SpongeBob: Let's not keep these grotesque faces to ourselves. Let us share then with the whole wide sea.

SpongeBob : Mind What? Making Faces? Of course were don't. Squidward: I don't wanna make faces I want to sleep! SpongeBob: Hey! That's a good one right there.

Let's combine whatever you get out of whatever this is you're doing with the quiet of sleep! SpongeBob: Interesting challenge, but let's raise the stakes even higher. Patrick, I'll bet you can't keep that face all night, while you sleep! Patrick: Oh yeah? Watch me. Patrick: Spongebob squarepants face freeze and excited] All right!

We did it! SpongeBob: No, Patrick! It's not all right, this means Mr. Krabs was right! SpongeBob and Patrick: Sandy!

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