There are certainly a wide variety of position that a young lady can be spanked Bend over bare spank. They each serve as purpose, but some make it easier Bend over bare spank her to endure her spanking, which is contrary to Bend over bare spank whole process. If she is simply pushed over some object, like a bed or a couch, and held in place, all she Bend over bare spank has to focus on is the pain her Bend over bare spank is experiencing.

This does not make her an active part of the process. She needs to be engaged, for the entire duration of her spanking, and required to be an active participant. Having to help, assist, and actively participate, allows her to have greater ownership of the process. Every part of the punishment is about her. It is her actions or behaviors that led to this situation in the first place.

The person charged with her discipline is there to assist her in making good decisions in her life. This process can not all be put on the person administering the punishment, she must own at least an equal share. There are many parents Bend over bare spank have their daughters bend over and object and put their hands down for support.

Yes, this might help keep her stable, and possibly more still for her spanking, but it also makes it easier for her. Any naughty teen girl should be required to hold still for her spanking, and by having something to grab onto, she is better able to maintain her position. But this is HER spanking, and she should be required to maintain her position regardless of what it is. Self-supporting positions requires her to be more engaged in the disciplinary process. A position that is self-supporting tends to add a lot to the overall punishment.

First, no one is going to force her into position and hold her in place, this is all on her. She is old enough now to realize that certain actions come with consequences, and it many homes throughout the world, the consequence is a spanking. She is not a toddler that mom must drag over her knee and hold in place to administer a spanking. It is her responsibility to hold her position while dad wears her bottom out with the belt.

She is an older teen and she needs to take responsibility for her actions. Part of this responsibility is properly presenting her bottom in a manner that will allow for hard and effective spanking. It is Bend over bare spank going to be forced, she is going to be told what position to assume, and she better do Bend over bare spank. Presenting her bottom to be spanked gives her ownership for the discipline that she requires.

She is acknowledging her behavior by bending over and providing a target for learning. Typical self-supportive positions are a young lady bending over and either placing her hands on her knees, or ever better, grabbing her ankles. In either position, with a wide stance, she Bend over bare spank be stable enough to accept the spanking she has coming.

If she is going to get a hard paddlingit might be a little more difficult for her to stay in position, as each hard swat with a heavy wooden paddle will push her forward a bit. But nothing about Hot saree poto xxx spanking is supposed to be easy. She is going to have to work hard, and concentrate to maintain Bend over bare spank position throughout, which once again, keeps her actively engaged in the process and forces her to actually cooperate during her spankin g.

It is not easy to hold still while dad paddles her bottom, but it is not supposed to be. With her grabbing her ankleswe are accomplishing a few different things. First, this simply is not very comfortable, which makes it ideal, as no part of corporal punishment should be comfortable in any way. Another major bonus to this position is the fact that it pulls all of the skin very tight on her bottom, pushing the muscles closer to the surface, allowing Bend over bare spank her bottom to be less padded.

This allows whatever implement that is being used, to connect more effectively and increases the chances for long term soreness. Grabbing her ankles provides her with less padding, allowing for better learning to take place. Grabbing her ankles adds an additional sense of vulnerability to her punishment. Laying down on a bed feels far different than spreading her legs Bend over bare spank grabbing her ankles. It puts all of the focus on exactly where it should be…her bottom.

There is no sense of safety or security when a young lady is grabbing her ankles and it is powerful as a disciplinary tool even before the first swat lands.

For many parents, once she is in this position, they are in no hurry to begin. What a great moment for her to reflect on her behavior, as she bends over in the middle of the family room, just waiting for her spanking to begin. She has accepted responsibility by assuming this position in the first place, and is simply waiting for it to begin.

The longer she waits, the more time she has to consider how she could have handled things differently. In position, belt ready, but dad is in no hurry and allows her to think about her actions before he tears her bottom up. It also allows her to consider how very much the spanking is going to hurt. Fear and anticipation can be very effective learning tools and at Bend over bare spank point is it more powerful than when she is in position with her bottom in the air.

She will find herself wondering how many she is going to get, how hard they are going to be applied, wondering how she is going to keep in position, and what will happen if she is unable to. Is dad coming back with the belt? The paddle?

How many will she get? There is much to think about as she waits for her spanking. Moving out of position should indeed come with extra consequences.

If she is moving, she in interfering with the process. The whole purpose, and why they are even there, is to provide a considerable amount of pain to her bottomin a safe manner.

If she is moving all around and trying to stand, at the very least it could be a safety issue, as the strokes may land in a place in which they were not intended. But more importantly, if she is moving out of position, she is making the person spanking her have Bend over bare spank work harder. It is her spanking, and therefore her Bend over bare spank, to make it as easy as possible for the person applying it to do it effectively.

Standing up, or wiggling all about, does not make it easier for the parent in charge of discipline. Not all spankings take place in the comfort of the home. This young lady is required to bend over and present her bottom in a little private spot at the park. Some parents handle this by simply starting all over again, or at the very least, not allowing the swat that she stood up after count.

Another effective deterrent is for the next one, following excessive movement, to be placed in a location without as much padding. A stroke of the belt, mid thighs, tends to be quite convincing as to why she should hold still. Unfortunately for this older teen, she was unable to hold still for her strapping from dad, so he started over…twice.

There is no part Bend over bare spank the spanking of an older teen girl that should be easy for her. She needs to be placed in a difficult and uncomfortable position that is hard to maintain during her spanking.

She needs to take active ownership and actually present her Bend over bare spank to be spankedwithout any physical help. She needs to hold this position, regardless if she is being paddled or strappedand regardless of how long the spanking lasts for.

She needs to assist and cooperate, making it as easy Bend over bare spank possible on the spanker, to do the very best job they can. Picture Perfect theme by Wayne. Bend over and grab your ankles please There are certainly a wide variety of position that a young lady can be spanked in. Bending over and grabbing her ankles for a serious whuppin from dad.

Presenting her bottom to be spanked by dad in the kitchen. Presenting her bottom for Girl sexy dress bondage well earned paddling from dad. This is how real lessons are learned. Add a comment. Powered by Wordpress Picture Perfect theme by Wayne.

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