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Journaling is creating a written account of events and emotions that you experience. A journal can be as rough or complete as you choose. Some people find that they can't end the day without putting an entry into their journal. People approach journaling in a variety of ways. If you're interested in journaling, don't set any rules — express yourself in Journal of breast cancer way that feels comfortable. Keeping a journal can also help a person to gain perspective. Journaling can allow you to compare how you felt months ago to how you feel now.

Since journaling is personal and unique to the individual, instructors or specialists are not required. If you do find that you'd like to seek guidance about journal writing, cancer organizations such as Cancer Support Community frequently offer journal-writing workshops.

One small study, conducted at the University of Kansas, followed 60 women with early-stage breast cancer who had just completed their treatment. The women were divided into 3 writing groups:. Results of this study depended on how the women were coping before they started writing:. Although this study showed encouraging results, more studies will need to be done to determine which types of Journal of breast cancer will benefit the most from emotional expression in writing.

Any negative entries are written on 3 by 5 cards and then discarded. I feel it helps to keep my patients in the Hairy young teen latinas and focused Journal of breast cancer the blessings in their lives. The negatives are recognized, and then released. Search Breastcancer. Was this article helpful?

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