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Well, not exactly. Maybe that's because some of us realize the television show has another gorgeous female actress and her name Melissa rauch kaley cuoco desnuda Melissa Rauch! We're not here to talk about Kaley today, though.

Today we're going to shine a bright light on Hollywood's hottest nerd! Whether you know her by the name Dr. We knew we had to come up with a hottest photos list for the famous actress all of her own! It's obvious after scrolling through this list why the girl known as Bernadette is one of TV's hottest actresses. This photograph of Melissa Rauch is an excellent example of how naturally gorgeous the talented actress can be all the while not having to be scantily clad.

Melissa peering off into the distance with her alluring eyes adds to the otherwise already great photo of her. What a sexy little minx with an even sexier smile, huh?

Standing at a petite 4'11", her subtle, fair skin tone looks radiant on her, and paired with her cute Real girl free porn Princess hat it's evident that the only thing left to say about Melissa is what Sheldon would "Bazinga. Photographed here at number 14 on the list today Melissa rauch kaley cuoco desnuda Rauch gives off that"Vintage Pin-up Girl" feel don't you think?

We loved this picture of the uber-famous actress in Melissa rauch kaley cuoco desnuda ruched styled bright red, polka-dot dress to shrink her already dainty waist See through pants voyeur pics. Those nude colored, mermaid styled peep toe shoes are money on those cute little feet too aren't they?

Melissa is also shown wearing some sexy nude colored fish net stockings to accent what would Melissa rauch kaley cuoco desnuda a great outfit for an evening out if she hadn't turned the iron on Melissa rauch kaley cuoco desnuda found some trouble! No matter though because she still looks adorable all the same in this photo of her "Uh oh" moment ironing her polka-dot dress.

We fell in love with the lighting and Melissa in this photograph of her with a plain white backdrop. So we thought it would be fitting to include it on our list. The photographer got everything perfect in this photo of Melissa with curly, strawberry blonde hair, blue eyes, and fair skin.

She's wearing an awesome strapless black dress that accentuates all her assets. Her eyes really pop in this photo of her that looks as if it would be something Dragon ball bulma ass hentai boys would put up on Melissa rauch kaley cuoco desnuda bedroom walls.

Did we mention how hot that lip biting thing is? Such a tease of a photo, but we love it just the same. From the foliage in the background, it looks like she's in some tropical place enjoying a relaxing evening when the photographer she's working with was fortunate enough to capture this great photo of her Melissa rauch kaley cuoco desnuda playful with his camera.

What a lucky guy huh? Pictured here in a low cut egg plant colored dress, scrappy stiletto snake skin heels, and strawberry blonde hair all combined that night to make sure this photo of Melissa made this list here today. We're sure that you'll agree that this engaging photograph of Melissa Rauch showcases her effortless beauty.

Mellissa looks absolutely sizzling in this seductive photograph of her lounging out by the pool. You can tell by this picture of her that she's another one of those girls that looks so good with some banging bangs, doesn't she? Oh Melissa rauch kaley cuoco desnuda gosh!

If any man wandered by the pool and saw this woman laying out on a gold thick cushioned pool lounge chair looking like Melissa does here they'd probably end up falling into the pool.

Luckily for the photographer he's located on the right side of the chair so he himself doesn't fall in photographing her! Oftentimes the most captivating photographs are the ones that are the most intriguing to look at. Pictures like this one can say a ton about a person just like this photograph does here of Melissa rauch kaley cuoco desnuda Rauch.

Seen here in what looks like a University of Arizona basketball tank top and a white fitted blazer she's Cloth diapers rubber pants women off into the distance. It's a great photograph of the actress appearing as we all do on our day-to-day, running from place to place. She looks Short black hair pussy trimmed in this picture of her taking a moment for herself.

So what do you say we take the hottest photos of Melissa Rauch to another level entirely and throw in this killer picture of her looking like a sexy blonde Dom? That's Katrina kaif xxx video for Dominatrix for all of you who don't feel like opening up a different window and doing a Google query.

It's cool, we got you. My goodness, you have to love that Melissa rauch kaley cuoco desnuda outfit with the leather straps she's holding. Now, this photo looks like something we've all been wanting to see Melissa in, right? She sure doesn't look like Bernadette in this photograph of her looking simply spectacular.

This picture shows that the beautiful actress has some major sex appeal in front of the camera. She looks elegant and amazing in her gorgeous formal red dress. She also has her hair pulled back for the prestigious event that evening.

Melissa always looks her best when she's smiling brightly for the photographers like she's seen her in this picture. She doesn't disappoint the photographers, or her fans, in this great photograph of her that night before the awards ceremony.

It doesn't make a difference if Melissa is pictured looking like a Vintage Pin-Up Girl or on the Red Carpet she looks equally at place in both shots— and equally stunning. These two look like they're having a blast, don't you Melissa rauch kaley cuoco desnuda I've got no idea how that dude in the background isn't photobombing this picture of the two famous actresses together at what appears to be a nightclub or an Melissa rauch kaley cuoco desnuda after-party of some sort.

It's apparent that Melissa Rauch and Kaley Cuoco are having a good time by this photo of them both fondling their boobs. Maybe they're having way too good of a time? Melissa in her hot yellow dress holding those big coconuts look every bit as sexy as Kaley does in this funny photo. For the love of everything holy, I'm pretty sure I don't see Bernadette anywhere in this picture looking wow.

If you don't think this photo of Melissa Rauch is smoking hot Melissa rauch kaley cuoco desnuda we just aren't going to agree on much today, are we? Like this shot of her shows, Melissa's looks super fire in this black pleather zip up jumpsuit with her waist kicked off to the side.

Did she know just how far to unzip that zipper on her suit? We're guessing that she did! She looks drop dead gorgeous in this shot.

She could totally get away with playing the steamiest Melissa rauch kaley cuoco desnuda Cat in one of Marvel's next comic blockbusters. I just about passed out after seeing this photograph of Melissa in this awesome red dress.

Thank gosh someone caught this photo of her while she was leaving the Green Room. What a shame it would have been to miss such a splendid photo op of the actress. Sliding this picture in at number 5 feels like we're doing this shot of Melissa Rauch an injustice. Hey, they all can't be number 1 though can they? Melissa looks like she's absolutely glowing in this photo of Melissa rauch kaley cuoco desnuda with warm tan skin against that wonderful red dress.

Without a doubt this is an unforgettable picture of the petite actress smiling from ear to ear. She looks absolutely radiant in this photo of her that day. She looks incredible in this shot, don't you think? This picture may be my favorite, but we don't write these articles for us. We write these listicles for you! As you can see by photograph number 4, we weren't joking around when we said we were going to make a list of Melissa Rauch photos that Melissa rauch kaley cuoco desnuda as hot as Kaley Cuoco's.

If this shot of her in a black sequins dress, fantastic makeup, and dead sexy blonde hair doesn't convince you that she's just as hot as her acting counterpart, then we're not sure what photos you've been looking at.

Mia malkova nude babe got 3 places left, though, and if we haven't convinced you yet we're thinking we still can. Possibly, the idea Melissa rauch kaley cuoco desnuda snakes gives you the heebie-jeebies, and I assure you you're not alone if that's the case. There isn't a chance in hell I could sit there with a huge snake wrapped around my neck, having its face Melissa rauch kaley cuoco desnuda close to mine for any kind of photoshoot.

Makes my skin crawl just thinking about it. There aren't many of us who would sit there with a reptile slithering all over our bodies. Gosh she looks superb in next to nothing with the snake on her, though, doesn't she? Melissa rauch kaley cuoco desnuda know, I know, I know. My guess is that this photograph of Melissa in her ultra hot pink dress is the crowd pleaser here today. That's fine because the final two pictures are basically interchangeable.

We not only couldn't leave this sizzling hot photograph of her out of the top 5, but we had a hell of a time not placing this break taking photograph of the actress looking her best at number 1.

So if you're salty about the ordering of this listicle, don't be, please. We had a hard time with this decision as well. A white backdrop is all it took for this photographer to capture Melissa Rauch looking spectacular.

We hope you can see now why we chose this photograph of Melissa Rauch as being the hottest one we could find of the celebrity actress.

She's pictured here holding what appears to be a life guard stand? A stand of some Melissa rauch kaley cuoco desnuda that's for sure. Nonetheless it's obvious by her black stockings and the fact that she's showing more skin than not that she's one of Hollywood's hottest actresses both on and off the screen.

Melissa appears nothing short of dead sexy in this photograph of Melissa rauch kaley cuoco desnuda toying with the camera. Surely, after reading this list today you'll be imagining just how hot Bernadette really is the next time you're watching The Big Bang Theory.

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