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She turned 25 years old last month, so things look even worse for Megan Mahoney, who was charged in October with 30 counts of statutory rape for alleged sexual trysts with a male student who was 16 Symone greene substitute teacher old at the time. The year-old teacher had a bad start to her school year this past September, as the mother of two was accused of having oral sex and sexual intercourse with at least three year-old boys from her school. That included relations during summer school too.

Molly Shattuck, life coach lol. This former NFL cheerleader built an empire as an inspiring figure who's out to teach people how to live a better life.

That's why it was so baffling Symone greene substitute teacher the year-old blonde was indicted in November on multiples charges of sex with a year-old.

Even weirder, the year-old was supposedly introduced to the cougar by Shattuck's own year-old son, who allegedly told the victim, "You should text my Mom, she is obsessed with you.

This year-old teacher might have been going through a midlife crisis when she decide to go after the underage friend of her son. McNeill and the under 16 boy attended the same church and met Symone greene substitute teacher she was teaching Sunday school.

This one's a husband-and-wife act, with year-old Porter and her hubby accused of multiple threesomes with a year-old Symone greene substitute teacher including--on at least one occasion--in a press box on school grounds.

Both were arrested for performing oral sex on the student. Porter was seven months pregnant when she got busted, and is scheduled for trial next year. This year-old blonde allegedly began a relationship with an underage male student in late May of the last school year. She reportedly admitted to the relationship after the student was able to produce a SnapChat nude of the teacher.

Zehnder resigned from the school Symone greene substitute teacher past October 9th. She's pleaded Top celleb upskirt pics guilty, but year-old teacher Symone Green got plenty of press over charges that she had sex with a year-old student in a classroom while the rest of the school was attending a pep rally on October 17th.

The student reportedly recorded the whole thing and shared the video. Also, it was Greene's first day on the job. She's pleaded not guilty, but there's reportedly a tattoo that gives the Cristiano ronaldo boy and boy xxx sex a strong case.

This double-header really made headlines. There's been a lot of speculation about year-old Respess and year-old Dufresne allegedly having a threesome with a year-old football player to celebrate Destrehan High's win over Acadiana High on December 13, The case is awaiting trial. Rachel Respess, an English teacher from the previous story. Math is hard, but you can't say the same about the Symone greene substitute teacher deal Symone greene substitute teacher landed this year-old teacher a mere six months in jail for having sex and sexting with a year-old student, and making out and sexting with a year-old.

She's still facing trial, but there's reportedly SnapChat evidence against this married mother who's been charged with having sex and exchanging explicit photographs with a year-old boy. It seems that things went wrong when a year-old girl borrowed the victim's phone and found plenty of incriminating material.

This year-old has pleaded innocent to six counts of third-degree criminal sexual conduct. Some emails were reportedly found between her and her year-old lover. Some of the emails discussed a pregnancy. She was originally arrested last December for an alleged encounter with an year-old student, but things got worse for Cooper after more students came forward Symone greene substitute teacher stories.

A year-old student claimed that Cooper had performed oral sex on him in a car in lateand there were additional claims by another year-old, and a year-old. She was sentenced in September to 9 to 23 months in the Luzerne County Correctional Facility, followed by five years of probation. This year-old teacher is facing up to 20 years of prison over charges of having a year-long relationship with a year-old student, with the action happening at school, Moore's house, the student's house, and a "dead end road.

The year-old teacher and coach was arrested on December 2nd for inappropriate contact with a year-old student. Bollinger was 24 years old when she started up a relationship with a year-old student, and it was reportedly a big deal for the teacher to wait until he was that Symone greene substitute teacher before Symone greene substitute teacher sex sessions with the minor in her classroom, her car, and at hotels.

When the events came to light, Bollinger reportedly resigned from her teaching job, picked up the student from church, and then drove him to a hotel room where they had sex. She's still awaiting trial. Supp offered a guilty plea of third-degree sexual battery Symone greene substitute teacher September 3rd. Sentencing is still being discussed, with the victim formally opposed to the teacher serving time in prison. The year-old former teacher was arrested in November on charges of having had sex with a year-old male student inafter Mullen had hired the minor to do work around her house.

Married mother Morsi allegedly flashed one student in a closet, and then performed oral sex on him. She later sent enraged texts when he took a female classmate to the school prom.

A second student has also come forward alleging sex with Morsi, whose recent court dates have been postponed over her treatment for a "psychiatric disorder. According to the charges filed against this year-old teacher, she was really crazy for her year-old student lover. She even followed him for Symone greene substitute teacher during a summer break to have sex with him in a Mississippi motel room. This year-old teacher is accused of doing double-duty with one year-old student, in addition to a a year-old student.

Altice was on trial in August for first degree felony rape and first degree Nude pregnant black amateur bbw sodomy regarding the original teen.

The trial has since been postponed for an investigation of the new accusations. Things got complicated in Jennifer Fichter's pending court case, since more male students kept showing up as charges against her mounted.

She's still awaiting trial now that things have topped out with three male students having come forward--all of whom are between the ages of 16 and There are now 34 separate criminal charges. Melillo was only 25 years old when she struck up a sexual relationship with two underage students, with the action occurring on multiple occasions and in different locations.

She was sentenced in July to four years for sexual assault. The biggest crime this married mother of two committed was using the threat of bad grades to keep her year-old student lover in line during their long relationship. Also, it seems that Watkins procured marijuana and let him smoke it in her car with a year-old. She took a plea deal in early December that can Symone greene substitute teacher her in jail for up to four years.

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