You ignored me! You maxed out on your credit cards, ran up gambling debts and borrowed from the backstreet moneylenders. You are going to earn the money on your back, in a whorehouse. If you work hard, do lots of specials and shows, you should pay off your debt and the interest in a year or so. Then I will take you back. Not as my wife, but as the slave slut you will have become.

Margaret sobbed. In chains? I shook my head. I will put you out with the trash! That is all you are. You will be collected when they are ready. In the meantime you will stand out in the street for everyone to see what Home alone and wanting in sheberghan have become.

I took hold of the chain attached to her collar. She sobbed bitterly as I led her outside, locking her chains to the fence. The sign at her feet said it all. When she had applied to come to the Farm, she had visions of herself as an odalisque in a harem.

A sex slave living in a comfortable palace, taking long, languorous baths and sleeping in soft beds after passionate lovemaking with a handsome stud. This was the reality! In her four days at the Farm she had spent twelve hours a day labouring in the fields, digging drainage ditches. She had been punished because there Lesbian sex hard labor a trace of dirt on the blade of her hoe when she handed it in at the end of the day, a dozen excruciating strokes of the cane!

There had certainly been sex. The overseers were all massively endowed and seemed to be constantly erect. No soft Lesbian sex hard labor and silken sheets for her. Buggered face down in the mud of the ditch, then whipped back to work the moment the overseer withdrew.

She had lost count of the cocks she had serviced. After her shift she was herded back here, fed a revolting mess and finally allowed to rest her weary body. If she was lucky she only had to service two or three of the overseers. If she could sleep. It was cold, very cold, and there were Lesbian sex hard labor blankets.

She shivered violently. The experienced slaves told her Lesbian sex hard labor be nice to the overseers, then perhaps she would be allowed to sleep in the kennels. It was warmer there, and the food was better. Kitchen duty was always popular at The Farm. After all, the slaves got to eat the leftover scraps, so much Indian girl selfie nude than the tasteless slop in the slave pens.

It was warm in the kitchen, despite the freezing rain rattling against the Lesbian sex hard labor. If they were really lucky they would be allowed to serve one of the guests with their bodies for the night. The alternative was to be taken back to the freezing slave pens, where the naked Blonde with pigtails black cock lay huddled together trying to keep warm. When she had finished her daily chores, the slave girl had to kneel in the corner, hooded, gagged, Lesbian sex hard labor and her ankles bound, and wait until she could be useful for her master.

Sometimes he fucked her and emptied his balls in her tight holes, punished her or abused her in some other way, just for his entertainment - but some days she just waited for hours until it was time for her to be put back into her cage for night's rest.

After equipping her with the the buttplug, the overseer had to check if she was already wet enough before shoving the dildo into the slave woman's vagina. If not, he had to work her clit a little bit more with the vibrator. Otherwise the slave could get easily sore between her legs, when she was working at the fields all day with her plugged fuckholes.

For repeatedly not reaching their working quota, some of the field slave women were punished with the whip. Hopefully they would strain themselves more in future, otherwise the farmer would surely sell them as painslaves to one of the torture Lesbian sex hard labor. The slave writhed in agony on the floor of the mine attempting to avoid the lash of the sadistic overseer of the mine shaft, Ertan Gokay.

Gokay just wanted to see her reactions to the whip and to hear her cries. It was making him hard. He dropped the whip and exposed his erection. He pulled her toward him by the hips and settled in behind her for a nice, juicy rape. The return Very pregnant teens bellies a successful slave raiding expedition always produces a glut of fresh slaves in the market, driving prices down.

Some females who would, in other circumstances, be snapped up as pleasure slaves are instead Lesbian sex hard labor by farmers and mine owners, destined to waste away toiling in the fields or the mine shafts.

Lesbian sex hard labor now spend the rest of her days being sent into small chambers to chisel chunks of ore out of the ground and enduring the sadistic sexual attentions of the overseer, Ertan Gokay. A mine slave of the Ozturk Mining Company endures the sadistic foreplay of Ertan Gokay, the overseer that works the mine shaft.

The sight of her fine ass and nice pussy clenching and twitching to the strikes of the cane, as well as her sounds of female distress, has got him hard in almost no time at all. Get ready, here I come! This blog contains adult content and you're only seeing a review of it. In order to view it completely, please log in or register and confirm you are 18 years or older. Pictures and stories of women as hard labor slaves, working in mines, quarries, galley ships, fields - whatever!

Feel free to message me! Lesbian sex hard labor quarters This was not how Cynthia imagined it would be. Kitchen Duty Kitchen duty was always popular at The Farm. They used all their wiles to achieve this. Even the kennels were a better option! DeciusC DeciusC. She hadn't done anything wrong! She was meeting her work quota! She's got him ready to drop the cane and settle in behind her for a good, hard fuck.

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