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Gary James — Taya, congratulations! Taya — Taya parker penthouse pet. I want to do the best of putting the best image I can of the brand. I have really great people that have believed in me in the company. I have so many people to thank for achieving this.

Taya — To be honest, I never asked them those questions. We all knew we were going through the Pet Of The Year process. It involved all the girls that were Pets that year. So, I was competing against the other Taya parker penthouse pet Pets that were Pets.

Pretty much anybody can go and vote. I continue to be able to show up, conduct myself like a lady, yet still be sexy. It was an amazing group of girls. A Zoe saldana hot nude pussy of girls with a big fan base.

We had amazing, established porn stars that were Pets this year. So, it was tough competition for all of us. That makes me proud knowing that. We really are. We do a lot of promotions together. I was actually printed the first time in Penthouse Taya parker penthouse pet as a Feature, like a model in a magazine. I worked for them a lot.

I did a lot of promotions for them. I think it made them keep coming back and looking. Like, wait, this girl is rising to the top of the feature dance circuit very quickly. There might be more to this girl, maybe we should take a second look at her. They did that and luckily I got my second chance. Some Pets only do girl-girl porn. Cali Taylor is a great example.

The February Pet. She was a house dancer at one of the Penthouse clubs and they wanted to give the girls at their Penthouse Club the opportunity to achieve…they had a contest.

A bunch of their key girls entered the contest. They came down to some finalists. It was all done by voting by customers of theirs at the club, people all of the world that got the magazine — and she won!

She was the February Pet. I love her. I do a lot of promotions with her. Gary James — Another noticeable difference is, the photos in Penthouse are taken by a woman — Emma Nixon. How is it different having a woman taking the pictures? That just speaks volumes about the family unit that we have within the company. After her centerfold days were behind her, she went on to become an amazing make-up artist and so she started going on photo Taya parker penthouse pet doing make-up.

And now she has shot like almost all of Pets. Now Dean Caper shot most of my layout and she phenomenal as well. I gotta be honest, Emma is one of my faves. She wants to make sure every picture she takes is amazing.

The out takes make it out there too. They get on the internet. They get seen. It kind of morphed into what it is today, but it started out as a family name. I wanted a last name that was different than the other last names that were out there.

The showgirl was really an established figure on the Feature Dance circuit. When I got into Feature Dancing, you kind of saw that dropping off a little bit. I never want to stop having something to say. Can I turn this into something different? I did once and it was a mistake. I never did it again. That had never been done before to my knowledge. Sometimes they can do more harm to you than good. So, I decided to take a different route. It has to be based on an intangible like personality and something else.

If you are that person, you tend to Cristina fernandez hot xxx and focus more on your strengths and either fix your weaknesses or know how to Taya parker penthouse pet them.

My mantra has become, I am by far, very rarely if ever the hottest girl ever, anywhere, like at a club, on a photo shoot, on a promotion with other Penthouse Pets. I work hard on Taya parker penthouse pet body.

I take good care of myself. When people get to know me, I become more attractive Taya parker penthouse pet people. Then I got to a point where things really seemed to be going well for me as I was coasting along and everything was great. You never know when your time is going to hit. You can never count yourself out unless you are taking yourself out of the game.

Cover model and Penthouse Black cock bulge pictures Jana Cova. Zdenka Podkapova Penthouse Pet. She was a Playboy Cover Girl in — We are talking of course about Taya Parker. Taya — I know. First blue angel porn have Taya parker penthouse pet lot of support from my ranks, Penthouse and my fans.

I think everybody was anticipating the announcement, because nobody knew who to suspect would be the winner in the end. I think if they would have announced anybody, nobody would have anything to say about that. A lot Taya parker penthouse pet these other girls do the Triple X porn films. I just had the drive and kept going for it. The fact that I established myself so quickly on the feature dance circuit as a major contender, made them kind of look at me again too.

Some girls do hard-core porn. Gary James — This name of your, Taya. Redness around the anus did that come from? When I first started doing magazines, they were butchering it, saying Tea and Tia. How can I freshen this up a little bit? Share it! Author: Saxon Strip-magazine. Prev post. Next post. We use Taya parker penthouse pet to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.

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