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T his was originally a chapter in my one-shot series Let's Be Crazy Notes: I imagine them being 17 or The villagers were hastily running inside, arms over their faces in an attempt to shield their eyes from the storm. Great gusts of wind was blowing against the village, dragging the pouring rain down; it crashed against their bodies like needle-thin daggers. Their dragons followed closely behind them, right on their tails, rushing to the safety of the great hall. The Viking teens were handling the situation to the best of their abilities.

They rode their dragons through the storm, directing villagers to safety and picking up any wandering animals along the way. Most wild dragons had already fled to safety outside the village long ago.

After rounding the center village a few more times, Fishlegs and Snotlout How to train your dragon astrid sex certain that they had gathered everyone and it was clear again. The twins had completed the northern mountains where the farmers lived, high-fiving each other and shouting in victory as they headed back to the great hall. Hiccup and Astrid were out towards the farther southern parts of the village, ensuring all the villagers that lived farther out were safe.

She gave him a thumbs up, showing him that she heard him. He flashed her a smile before the two made a quick turn around on their dragons and began flying back to the center of town.

It was nearly impossible to see through the How to train your dragon astrid sex. The only thing keeping them going straight were the dragons, who seemed to have an easier time moving through the intense weather. All seemed well and they could see the village coming into view until Toothless suddenly made a How to train your dragon astrid sex swoop downward. Toothless began bellowing as they fell from the sky.

His tail… had it frozen or was it broken? Hiccup began to panic. He turned How to train your dragon astrid sex and attempted to climb down Toothless' back, but was unable to see anything through the winds How to train your dragon astrid sex rain. All of a sudden, the two came crashing into the ground. Hiccup knocked over Toothless and smashed into the hard surface of the earth.

He could hear Selfie de teen desnuda landing nearby, her large feet making a huge splash in the mud as she landed.

Small arms found their way around his body and lifted him up. She placed his arm around her neck and shoulders and hoisted him onto his feet. Their soaked bodies smacked together as the wind blew against them, attempting to knock them over. Stormfly stood near them and spread her wings, trying to Handjob hand job babe the wind from blowing on them.

As Hiccup tried to balance on his feet, he realized his left foot wasn't finding the ground. Almost falling over, he grabbed onto Astrid. She grabbed onto him, roughly, not allowing him to attempt to stand with only one foot. His eyes scanned the surrounding, looking for Toothless. To his joy, the black dragon was already standing again and appeared, over all, alright.

In the not-so-far distance, he could see the large metal cage making the outline of the Dragon Academy. She didn't give him the option to rebuttal as she began walking over to the entrance. He didn't have much of a choice but to waddle along with her. With the dragons following close behind them, they made a quick escape into the academy. What used to be holding cells for dragons had been well fashioned to be more like a barn; now, the large doors came with windows, and the inside was covered in hay and crates for comfort and supplies.

For now, it was all they had. There was no way they could make it to the great hall in this weather and especially not in this condition. After waddling inside, Astrid released Hiccup, who quickly leaned against one of the crates. She hastily closed the door behind them and set the latches in place. She then attempted to push the windows shut.

Luckily, Stormfly was stronger than her and used her large head to push against the windows, giving Astrid to shut the latches. Toothless trailed the walls of the cell, lighting the hanging torches. Hiccup placed his hands on the crate and hoisted himself onto it. He then lifted his leg, placing it on his lap, and began examining his foot. As he feared, the metal had somehow cracked and was shattered right down the center, making it useless. He undid the bindings from his leg and removed his foot.

She began rummaging through them, looking for some stored dragon nip. He shifted over onto the crate next to it. At least with the dragon nip, they would be too occupied to worry about the storm. Astrid proceeded to rummaging through the crate. After she found some, she tossed it onto How to train your dragon astrid sex and Stormfly, who began rolling blissfully in it.

Hiccup leaned his body against them. Astrid stared him down, intensely. She recognized his posture: leaned back, arms crossed, How to train your dragon astrid sex hung low. She couldn't see his face through the dim light, but his body spelt it out. Astrid placed her hands on her hips and narrowed her eyes at the boy.

Because it was your foot that fell off!? Lightning flashed from outside, lighting up the room in a bright, blinding light. Astrid stared wide eyed at him, boiling through her anger. The two just stood there for a moment in complete silence as the dragons drifted off to sleep in the hay. Suddenly, Astrid approached him, fists clenched. She circled around him so she could face him. Hiccup moved his eyes to her. Through the dim light, he could see her focused glare, but he wasn't expecting what came next.

She slapped him, right across the face. It was hard enough that it knocked the wind out of him. As Hiccup slowly moved his eyes How to train your dragon astrid sex to her, Astrid pulled her hand How to train your dragon astrid sex, as if prepared to slap him again. To her surprise, he didn't flinch or even scowl at her. He just stared with a blank expression right through. Astrid slowly brought her hand to the red spot she left on his cheek. As her finger tips grazed his skin, she could feel him flinch beneath her.

Hiccup looked away from her, his freckled cheeks and ears turning red. She wanted to apologize, but in the end, she didn't. She dug her hands into his shoulders and crushed their bodies together.

As Hiccup wrapped his arms around her and nuzzled his chin into her shoulder, Astrid felt a wave of comfort flush over her. She wrapped her arms tightly around his torso, almost enough to suffocate the boy. Then, for the first time in a long time, she felt her eyes sting and blur. Wet drops flowed down her cheeks and onto Hiccup's shirt. They were too soaked, so she knew he wouldn't notice as long as she kept herself from making a sniffle or a wheeze.

Sure enough, she managed to keep silent as they remained clung together. At some point, the two hesitantly separated. Their arms still latched on as they slowly pull apart, loosely clinging to the body they don't want to let go off.

Astrid unconsciously releases a giggle as her eyes examine Hiccup's face. Somehow, his wet hair had gotten pushed over his face and was covering How to train your dragon astrid sex eyes. Somehow, the space between them disappears. Their lips meet, very tentative at first. They move slowly against one and other. It wasn't like kissing was new; they always found the time to hide away somewhere and make out for a few hours, at least until people went looking for them.

Maybe a gentle kiss here and there if they were in public… This time, however, something was different. They can't tell if it has to do with the storm, or maybe the fight How to train your dragon astrid sex almost had. It's possible it all has to do with fear. She was afraid, again, that she would lose him. Every time he falls from the sky, she sees that day and scorched foot all over again. She sees an unconscious boy that she suddenly is How to train your dragon astrid sex in love with that she can't see straight.

Maybe he's afraid of screwing something up: something that will hurt her, in the end. He doesn't dare consider that possibility; he can't. At some point, Hiccup manages to shift them around and presses her against the crates. She's surprised because he only has one foot at the moment, but managed to accomplish moving them around; however, she realized quickly that he's resting his weight on her.

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