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They are pure fantasy and nothing more. Lauren ran her fingers through her co-stars hair, she enjoyed the view in the mirror of Alexis eating her pussy. The seduction of Alexis began innocently enough one day on set when Lauren Graham accidentally walked in on a very naked Alexis Bledel Lauren graham naked fakes fucking herself in her own dressing room.

Alexis was sitting in a chair with her back to Lauren, but she was in front of a big mirror looking at Lauren graham naked fakes. Lauren got a full view of the young starlet as she enjoyed pleasuring her own body. She was naked except for a small fuzzy blanket around her shoulders and back for warmth.

Alexis had a look of pure wild lust on her face. Alexis had no idea how long Lauren had stood there watching her before she noticed her.

Lauren was so turned on that she knew then in that moment she had to have young Alexis, she knew she would seduce her, but how? Lauren backed towards the door. Alexis got up from her chair and went over to lock the door. She thought it had been locked in Lauren graham naked fakes first place. It was not like she wanted someone to walk in and see her naked in front of the big mirror touching herself.

Alexis settled down again in her chair. She was still blushing and a bit annoyed at Lauren and yet she was also slightly aroused at what had just happened. Alexis relaxed into the chair and continued to stroke her clean freshly waxed pussy, content that the door was definitely locked this time. As she felt more turned on, she sat on the edge of the chair, spread her legs wide open to give her fingers better access to her honey pot.

Alexis slid two fingers easily Lauren graham naked fakes herself, and used the base of her hand Lauren graham naked fakes grind against her clit, getting herself off in front of the big mirror. Alexis groaned at the idea of a dirty kinky finger fucking from her Gilmore Girls co-star Lauren Lauren graham naked fakes. Lauren was so pretty she thought to herself. But it would never happen she mused. Lauren liked guys after all.

The next day during shooting, Lauren played it straight during scenes, she acted like she had never seen Alexis naked and touching herself Lauren graham naked fakes front of the big dressing room mirror yesterday on the verge of an orgasm.

Alexis felt somewhat relieved. At the end of the scene, Lauren gave some feedback to Alexis, and was very encouraging. Then as Alexis turned to walk away, Lauren gave her a little playful slap on the butt. Lauren had touched her like that before, it was innocent enough. But this time it was different. This time it made her whole body tingle to have Lauren playfully slap her on the butt as she walked off the set.

Alexis admired Lauren graham naked fakes and really looked up to her, she was always so fun to work with, and helpful in all their scenes together. Alexis walked into her dressing room as normal the following morning and sat down in front of the mirror. She picked up a hair tie and started stretching it out and flicking it with her finger into her other hand.

She was bored. Then she noticed something different. A small digital camera was underneath the various bits of junk on her dresser. She picked up the camera and aimed it at the big mirror pretending to take a picture of herself, which brought a silly smile to her face.

Alexis turned the camera on and started looking through the images and wondered who had forgotten it. Whose camera was this she wondered? Maybe she could see someone in the pictures and return it to the owner. Alexis saw some pictures of outdoor areas, a park, a street she recognised from the local area and some more shots taken at odd angles.

Like someone was just testing the camera out and not really paying attention to the shots. She kept flicking through the images until one in particular caught her eye. There was a picture of a leg. A long, slender shapely shaved female leg. Then some more pictures of the of the legs, feet, and the camera angle changed as Alexis thumbed through the images.

Alexis gasped a little when she saw that one. Everything but a face. Alexis was aroused at the naughty pictures, which was strange as she had never particularly felt attracted to women. She also felt a little nervous at the idea of someone catching her looking at the images.

What would they think? Would they think that she took the Asian men fuck black women Flicking through some more pics, Alexis saw the slender hand of a woman, and then something in the hand. A photo in a photo? The hand was holding a picture of what looked like her. She zoomed in a little. It was a picture of her. A particularly sexy one from a Hollywood event where Alexis had worn a dress with no bra that in retrospect was a little too revealing.

And how did the person leave the camera in her dressing room? Or maybe someone else left it there for them who had a key? Whoever it was might be dangerous Alexis thought — some kind of stalker perhaps — as she put the camera down.

Best to probably let Gilmore Girls production security know in case the person might come back. There was no face in the photos, just a very Lauren graham naked fakes womanly body that again was turning her on again.

Lauren graham naked fakes would she tell Lauren graham naked fakes That she found a camera with naked pictures of some woman in her dressing room? Most likely the security guys would have a laugh and enjoy the pictures themselves.

It seemed pointless to tell them. If anything, it might even be a joke just to get a reaction out of her. Alexis Bledel noticed she was a little moist between her legs. Against her better judgement, at the end of the days shoot on Gilmore Girls, instead of turning the camera into security, she threw it in her handbag at the bottom, just in case and took it home with her. That night Alexis went home Lauren graham naked fakes ran a hot bath. She was sooooo tired she just stripped off, Amateur ebony black girls panties her clothes and on the hallway floor.

She lay in the the bathtub once it was Lauren graham naked fakes forgetting everything from her day and just melted away. After a while Alexis remembered the camera that was in her hand bag. She leaned out of the bath, pulled her handbag over she had dropped on the floor without thinking Lauren graham naked fakes after drying her hands and rummaged through it, pulling the camera out by the strap.

Turning it on she browsed through the images again, which she found totally bizarre. Alexis scrolled thorough the sexy images, and then found something else. One picture was kind of fuzzy and had a different icon in the corner. She realised it was a video, not a picture and Alexis pressed the button to make it play. Alexis saw a small pink dildo sliding in and out of the shaven pussy from the pictures. She watched Lauren graham naked fakes lurid fascination.

It was like porn, but different. Nobody Lauren graham naked fakes had seen this — as far as she knew — it was just for her.

It felt strangely sexy and intimate, that some stranger had Lauren graham naked fakes herself thinking of her, and left this camera for her to discover. Alexis was turned on and decided to reciprocate. She set the camera to automatically takes pictures every seconds, and took some snaps of her small tits, her long legs, feet and a cheeky picture of her own butt as she bent over the tub, resting the camera on the bathroom cabinet.

Alexis fell asleep that night rubbing herself to a small but satisfying orgasm, thinking of the mystery woman in the camera pictures. The next morning she went to work, and not knowing what Lauren graham naked fakes do with the camera, but still feeling very horny, she decided to leave it where she found it in her dressing room for the stranger to collect.

That days shoot flew by and Alexis went home exhausted, she barely remembered going to Legal teen sex galleries that night, then Lauren graham naked fakes through her usual morning routine again, arriving at work she went in early to her private dressing room. She Lauren graham naked fakes down and noticed the camera was where she had left it two days before.

Alexis took the digital camera out of its cover, and flicked it on. She scrolled through the pics, seeing the ones she taken of herself without her face and the the pics of the mysterious lady with the sexy legs. There were new pictures here, she gasped a little in excitement, and a familiar tingle ran through her groin. She stood up, double checking she had locked the door to her room.

Then Alexis sat down and scrolled though the new pictures. The lovely legs and hips, the well proportioned fit butt and torso of Lauren graham naked fakes secret admirer drove her wild. Alexis started semi-consciously rubbing herself through her white cotton panties.

Before she knew it, she was moaning softly and sliding a finger into herself while enjoying the pictures. Then Alexis found some pictures of the mystery woman sipping a glass of wine, just her lips on the glass, her face could not be made out.

Then she found a video, a new one.

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