Top definition. Sandy Cheeks name. An unappreciated character of the common Nick television show, " Spongebob Squarepants " A squirrel that lives under the sea.

Goes on adventure with her friends: Spongebob, Patrick, and Squidward. A female scientist that lives in a tree dome. A: Hey Jimmyyou wanna watch Spongebob? J: Yeah I love watching Sandy Cheeks! A: Who? Sandy Cheeks unknown. A retarded horny squirrel from Texas who lives in the fucking ocean and should be fucking dead! Sandy Cheeksis an asshole who eats too fucking much Spongebob : Go on a diet!

When somebody has sand in between there ass cheeks or up there asshole making them grumpy and angry. Jon: Smells like the beach! Matt: She has sandy cheeks!! Stephan: Want me to suck the sand out? Luke: Ill get the vacuum! Sandy Cheeks sex. The act of sticking one's penis in sand then Maria moore xl girls to get a blowjob.

Preferably beach sand, but in a pinchany will do. My girlfriend made fun of me for being from TexasSpongebob and sandy cheeks sex I took her to the beach and gave her some Sandy Spongebob and sandy cheeks sex. Velvet hattrick Nico and the Niners Turtle Time Catamount Phonetically Shaker Boogaloo Boys PCA Roxs

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