Unless you are not a fan of Storage Wars, you would know Brandi Passante, who has been doing a great job on the show together with her partner, Jarrod Schulz. More than just a reality show star, Brandi is also a businesswoman who has been able to keep things together in the business sense for close to 20 years now, just as she has kept entertaining viewers of her show.

Simply hot and gorgeous, with great business instincts, nice attitude, and amazing TV posture, Passante has many fans, even though they still do not know much about her personal life, except what they are served Brandi storage wars nipple slip TV and social media. There is no information on how she was brought up or her family or education. Nevertheless, the woman who is of part-Sicilian descent was said to be a stripper when she was growing up.

To the claim, Brandi Passante, who of course is hot, and that may Brandi storage wars nipple slip the reason behind the rumor has come out to deny it saying she has never been a stripper.

She even went on to say she is not hot in real person. One interesting event in the life of the woman was in when the creator of a revenge porn site, isAnyoneUp, Hunter Tyler Moore, began an advertisement that he had naked pictures and videos of the reality star, and he would release them soon.

It was until Brandi began receiving messages from Moore that she got to know of the existence of the materials. Immediately, she released a message claiming that the person in the materials was not her, and through her lawyer, she released the pictures that her face was cut out of to make the pictures. As a result of the circulating pictures, Brandi Passante decided to sue for many things Brandi storage wars nipple slip violation of the Lanham Act, privacy and publicity statues, as well as defamation laws and consumer fraud laws.

The two met since when in California when they were working for a carpet cleaning company which was in Tustin through a mutual friend. The store was into the selling of use products. While as pointed out the two are not married, they have two children together, Cameron who is the elder of the children, Brandi storage wars nipple slip Payton Schulz. Apart from Jarrod Schulz who many would swear was cut out for the beautiful woman, she was not reported to have dated anyone, except that she has had a crush on John Cusack.

The Texan native has put out much energy and creativity into her work, as a businesswoman and a reality star. Who Is Elise Stefanik?

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