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Click here to visit ii otoko da. Sunday, November 24, Doctor does his job so well. Copyright by the author. There are people, mostly men, who put a lot of time, effort and skill into making Japanese muscle men naked fantasies come true for their lucky clients.

The scenes they construct mix realistic medical procedures with varying proportions of bondage and domination. This is Japanese muscle men naked warning that this particular story is about such a session, not an actual medical examination. KN I didn't have any trouble finding the office from the directions the doctor had Japanese muscle men naked me.

It was on a quiet residential street just off a main city thoroughfare. I parked in the driveway as he had instructed and walked toward the door. Up until now I hadn't been nervous, concentrating on the drive, but now my breath quickened and my heart began to beat faster. It hadn't been easy to get this appointment with such a distinguished physician. Roberts and I had an extensive chat online before he determined that I was qualified for one of his physical examinations.

It was a hot late spring day. I had on a T-shirt, jeans with a jockstrap, my favorite underwear, underneath, and old Nikes. I wasn't going to keep the clothes on for long anyway, so there wasn't any need to dress more formally. I was walking a little funny because my bladder was uncomfortably full. Roberts had told me to drink a lot of fluids before I came so that I could give a urine sample without difficulty as part of the physical examination. I'd overdone it a little in Japanese muscle men naked eagerness to comply with his instructions.

I got to the door and knocked. It opened right away and finally I saw the doctor in the flesh. He was exactly as I'd hoped he'd be: tall, trim, and distinguished looking with neatly trimmed salt-and-pepper hair. He wore wire-rimmed glasses that accentuated a pair of friendly gray eyes. His teeth were white and even when he smiled. Come in and have a seat. He motioned me to sit in a chair in front of it, which I did. Sunlight filtered in through the shaded window.

He rummaged in a box on the floor and pulled out a binder before he sat down. He looked at my chest. Your nipples are erect. We'll get some measurements in a minute. No problem here. Lungs are clear. I'm going to inspect your skin for any suspicious looking moles or growths. When he straightened he held Japanese muscle men naked small magnifying glass. Roberts then moved in very close again as he started at my neck and moved slowly down my body with the magnifying glass, examining every inch of my skin.

He put the glass in his pocket. I Japanese muscle men naked to relax, but he said A slight smile. We're going to find out just how sensitive. Now, do your best not to move or react, no matter what I do. Oh my god-it's wonderful. Roberts produced a metal tube from his pocket and squeezed out some of its contents onto his fingertips. Let's try some moist stimulation. It was all I could do to keep my hands locked behind my head.

I felt moisture in my crotch and felt precum from the Japanese muscle men naked of my cock soaking through the elastic webbing of my jock pouch.

No kidding. Roberts loomed above me with the Japanese muscle men naked blindfold. It looked like a pair of safety goggles, but completely black. Sure enough when he placed in on my face and tightened the strap around my head everything became pitch black even though nothing was touching my eyes and they could stay open.

The next moment I screamed, more in shock than in pain, as I felt something burning hot drop onto my right thigh. It quickly cooled to a tolerable warmth and I braced myself for another hit. My back came off the table as I cried out each time the melted wax hit a sensitive zone. I strained uselessly against the bonds holding me in place. I was panting with mingled fear and yes, arousal.

Please stop! Paraffin melts at a very low temperature, actually. Just hot enough to give yo u a bit of a jolt. Now lie still Japanese muscle men naked I'll remove the blindfold. Roberts scraped the lumps of wax off with his fingertips, being gentle with my somewhat softened cock, and brushed the crumbs off the table.

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