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Disclaimer: I in no way own nor profit from Pokemon or any other trademarks of Nintendo. The story belongs to me. Author's Notes: Oh man, how this came to be I have no idea at all. I was reading some christmas stories and saw a review I made way back when I first came here on a story named "A Lonely Christmas?

I saw the review and the proto-synopsis I posted for a spin-off from his story. I said that the idea was up Joy naked boobs pokemon grabs, but after all this time I've only seen a couple of Nurse Joy fics I plan to rectify that, using the thing I typed, with changes, and slightly touching on his story too.

Think of it as an unofficial side story to it. So here we go, lets see my twisted version of Joy and how she likes to abuse her position as a healer of Pokemon, which in this case would be healing in more than one way. Summary: When a Nurse Joy sees something between two very specific guests one night when they were snowed, it would change her life forever.

Now listen as she recounts her story as a Joy who took advantage of her position as a healer of Pokemon. It Joy naked boobs pokemon a cloudy day as Patricia Joy walked into the local Church of Arceus. The entire place seemed eerily quiet as she entered, her high-heels making a clack with each step that echoed off the large open hall.

Normally, she would be here to pray but today would be different. This time, she had something weighing heavily upon her soul Instead of kneeling in front of the large Joy naked boobs pokemon of Arceus, she made her way around it to the confession booths. When she reached it, Patricia was nervous about this. What if she was judged?

What if her crimes would be made public? She placed a hand on the small doorknob of the booth, took a deep breath, and opened it. Without breathing, she Joy naked boobs pokemon inside and took a seat on the small one-seat bench. The next few moments were the most apprehensive of her life She gripped her head to silence the many cries as she heard footsteps walk in front of her and into the booth adjacent to her. The small window with nothing but a curtained screen suddenly spoke out to her, the silhouette of someone being the only thing visible beyond it.

Release whatever is holding you down Joy naked boobs pokemon repent in the eyes of our lord Joy naked boobs pokemon. I've tried to break this before, once the luster wore off, but nothing I've done has worked. I still crave their seed. They might have enjoyed it, I don't know Patricia Joy, the Nurse manning the local Pokecenter for a town somewhere in the mountains, began her day like normal.

Took a shower, brushed her teeth, relieved herself, and then made breakfast It was like any other day She greeted him like she would any other trainer, though she had seen him a day or two ago. We do both! Patricia plucked the ID card from the slot before plucking a room key from under the desk. She handed both of them to Ash. Ash Joy naked boobs pokemon nodded and went up to his room, not even bothering to say thanks.

Patricia just huffed and slouched down, propping her head up on the counter with her arm. It was a pretty boring day over all, and with nothing to do except tend to the front desk it dragged on and on. She flipped a switch on the side of her monitor and it turned from a computer display to a TV display, showing things like the news and such. She flipped through, finding nothing of interest until she landed on the local weather Joy naked boobs pokemon. Immediately she perked up with a grave expression on her face.

There was a blizzard coming and it would arrive before nightfall. This was bad Without missing a beat, Patricia dashed out of the Center to the local store and stocked up on necessary foodstuffs. She didn't want to be caught unprepared in case things turned ugly.

Not only because she lived in the Center, but also because she had people staying and they would need food if the weather blocked them in. Once she had a sufficient amount, she charged the total to the Center's budget, normally used for equipment and medical supplies but in this case she could make an exception. With the items in hand, she made her way back to the Center.

Not a moment too soon too, because just as she stepped through the door the snow, which had been falling for about ten minutes, picked up along with the wind. Patricia shook her head and returned to the desk, the blizzard had hit and now they were stranded until it broke. She decided to make the best of it by walking into her room for a shower in her personal bathroom The first day or so had been uneventful with no sign of the storm losing steam, except for Ash accidentally breaking the door to Carnaval rio de janeiro pussy room in frustration making it so where it won't stay closed sometimes.

Though she got onto him for it, she could understand what he was going through. In a few days time would be Christmas and here they were, stuck in a Pokemon Center because of a raging blizzard, with only each other for company, instead of being with their families where they belonged.

Anyways, the real major "event" so to speak didn't occur until the second day. After a slight fit from Ash earlier, Patricia had tried to get some sleep but was rudely interrupted by the bell on the counter ringing for service. She grumbled as she tossed, Joy naked boobs pokemon it was just her imagination. When the bell rung again, she threw the covers off of her and stumbled out in her nightgown. She was bout to tell Ash off when she realized that there was a woman standing at the counter.

The woman seemed really eager to see Ash and Patricia pointed her to the room. At once the woman dashed off in that direction and Patricia groggily wandered back into her bedroom. It was weird for the woman to show up in those clothes with no signs of frostbite or anything on her. She'd get to the bottom of it in the morning. However, sleep would not come easy to her that night. Odd sounds kept her up shortly after she went back to bed and it was impossible to sleep through them, that loud shrill cry.

As Joy naked boobs pokemon got closer and Joy naked boobs pokemon, the quicker her heartbeat became. There were noises that sounded like shrill moaning in addition to Ash's own. Patricia swallowed to steady herself as she quietly crept up to the room. Like she thought, the door was slightly ajar from where he broke it earlier and she carefully peeked inside.

What she Joy naked boobs pokemon caused her eyes to widen to the size of saucers as her heart beat out of control and her stomach churned. Ash was in there In there with him was a large, red, air-plane shaped Pokemon she had never seen Joy naked boobs pokemon. However, from the moans and Joy naked boobs pokemon, she could identify one, no two things.

One was that the red Pokemon was evidentially a female and two was that Joy naked boobs pokemon Patricia couldn't tear herself away from the sight until she witnessed the two of them climax, feeling oddly aroused by the sight. Once they had, she cringed in disgust and rushed back down to her room. She felt nauseous, both at the act and at her reaction, and at any moment she felt as though her stomach would heave up her dinner.

When she determined that she wasn't gonna blow chunks, she slowly made her way back to her bed. She threw off her nightgown to reveal her naked body before flopping down into the covers. As she grumbled in her thoughts, she examined the scene. The sounds of the Pokemon's moans in conjunction with Ash's moans as she went down on him as he slammed up into her, the sound of skin against scales maybe bouncing off the walls seeming extra loud.

How the Pokemon seemed to be enjoying herself as Ash thrust himself over and over into her to get himself to cum and then finally doing so together with her Suddenly she snapped out of her thoughts when an orgasm came crashing into her causing her to bite her lip and arch her back, however by this time the replay had morphed into a fantasy of herself being plowed by a Pokemon!

As she rode it out and panted in its aftermath, she brought her hand that was used to pleasure Joy naked boobs pokemon up to her face.

The hand flopped to the side as she Joy naked boobs pokemon upwards to the roof. Patricia didn't know what to think. One minute she was disgusted by the prospect of Pokeality, but suddenly she found herself having fantasies where she was the one being penetrated. What confused her the most about it was that she enjoyed it. She enjoyed it a lot. In her fantasy Joy naked boobs pokemon was even screaming out the name of whatever Pokemon's dick found its way into her needy sex.

Just the thought alone of doing something so taboo She shook her head and tried to go to sleep afterwards, pulling over her covers and turning on her side to get comfortable.

When she closed her eyes, at first she could sleep but soon she began to dream about the many Pokemon she cared for She tossed and turned in her bed, her wetness making it hard to get comfortable.

Eventually, she woke up once more and slowly sat up. She couldn't remember the last time she had slept with someone. Her husband had gotten caught in a freak snowstorm a few years ago while up on the mountain. Needless to say, he never returned to her.

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