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Sharing personal information brings people closer together. Verified by Psychology Today. Shameless Woman. I just spent a weekend at a Tantra Workshop - we were all women - with only one man present insider tip for men - if you want to meet women - get interested in Tantra! Do you want to turn us on? Then you had better know our dirty little secret It's the feeling of being desired!

Marta Meana said it best when she said that for most women "Desire is the real female orgasm ". As women, we want to be the most desired fruit in the salad. We want our significant other - or simply admiring Japansk spa massage i uddevalla to reflect back to us their desire for us - and this gives us more pleasure that most of us would like to admit to.

It's not very politically correct now - is it? Well - here's a new flash for you - sexuality is not politically correct! I don't know about you - but I want to be swept off my feet by a suitor that just cannot breathe without me.

Oh come on. A mature womans secret desires want it too! You know it's true. And if it's really, really, really isn't true for you as a woman - it is true for countless others. Why do you think romance novels are so popular? It's girl porn!

It's where we get to read about the damsel being desired - courted - whisked away against her will - because his desire for her is so intense that he just must have her! And that turns on our feminine soul in such a hot deep place that the heroine falls in love.

The end. This story is told again and again - marketed directly to women - to our core fantasy - and purchased in truck loads by countless women in countless Walmarts across the country every day. And yet - we are bashful about it.

Aren't we? The question that I pose is why don't we us women simply cop to the fantasy? My theory is because it embarrasses us. We feel shame in having any desire that does A mature womans secret desires include us being in control at all times. We want to be A mature womans secret desires - and self sufficient. We don't want to "Need" men or female lovers - or look to the outside world for approval. It's not what we have been taught to want.

But sexuality and desire - didn't read the play book. The way our desire works in as encoded in our DNA as the color of our eyes. So what happens to us as women when we no longer "feel seen" as sexual beings. What if weight gain, aging, or even disability makes us feel invisible to those outside eyes?

What happens then to our female sexuality? What happens if we hate ourselves so deeply because of life events such as experiencing infertility or cancer that we turn in completely and switch off our sexuality button - so that nobody will see us anymore?

Oh yeah - you know what I am talking about. Big ugly shapeless sweat shirts to name one stereotypical piece of female sexual camouflage. But it's true - we do it. We hide in so many ways. We make it so that no one could desire us - and that fulfills the prophecy that we are not desirable. I watched Geneen Roth on Oprah again yesterday - and it opened with women talking about how they self loathed. It is a vicious cycle - of self hating - not being willing to be seen - and there fore not being seen.

That shuts A mature womans secret desires down - and creates a host of problems for us. What kind of problems? Well how A mature womans secret desires low libido, depressionanxiety angersadness and all kinds of self abuse in A mature womans secret desires form of overeating and abuse of other substances as we try to feed something we can't name inside of us.

I don't think that A mature womans secret desires of this can truly be cured in the form of a pink pill for women. It's so much deeper for us. For us - Desire is the Female Orgasm - and we have to return to a place in our selves first where we can learn to receive pleasure. Once we can decide that we are worthy of that first step - miracles A mature womans secret desires happen.

Pamela, I agree with the major point here - that most women want to feel desired, and what turns a lot of women on is being so passionately desired that they are swept away, ravished, taken. But my question is - how do guys do it right? In our culture of sexual A mature womans secret desires policies and rape hysteria, I A mature womans secret desires a lot of men have been scared into silence - they don't want to express their desire or A mature womans secret desires, lest it be taken the wrong way and they be accused of being a villain.

So what would you advise the guys to do? What are safe, consensual ways to express powerful desire? Men, have you experienced this struggle - wanting to express desire but holding back out of concern of the woman's reaction?

Great question Christine! I think that to answer you that it would take an entire blog! Maybe two! There are the partners that we are IN relationship with - and the partners that want to court us! And I A mature womans secret desires think that the rules are a bit different there! So I promise you a blog! And in the mean while - for the partners that are in our life A mature womans secret desires and how about throwing us onto the bed. I mean it.

Really throw us on the bed! And see what happens!!! First of all I want to make sure that it is know-I do everything in every way to make myself desirable and attractive without going totally overboard. I am fit strong and healthy and very accomodating A mature womans secret desires all ways.

I am wondering if maybe that is the problem? Should I be more coy and play hard to get? I am really at a loss here. When I first met my partner of 13 years everything clicked. For him so he said I was every mans dream come true, I adored him and only wanted A mature womans secret desires please but within that I felt totally "desired" and thus got off on that.

The lego batman movie sexy pornos he is older and very much less sexual. I feel like I have been tricked by him early on into thinking that he was on the same sexual page as me. However, he is definitely not! It is all about being desired, needed and wanted! We have really gotten ourselves in a bind with sexual harassment, haven't we? Sexual harassment is defined as unwanted sexual attention.

So, how does a person know whether attention is wanted or unwanted until after it's given? I completely agree with you--women love being desired. Except when we don't. When the desire comes from the "wrong" person, we don't like it a bit.

Thank you for commenting! Love that. So how does a potential masculine A mature womans secret desires know if the attention is desired? This is about all us being aware of social cues. If the object of your desire meets you in some way - eye contact - a smile - that is usually a good sign to try a little more. This is confusing territory - and it is more like a free form dance where you might not know exactly where to put your feet. Negative attention that is not desired - can be met with a firm "No Thank You".

There is a lot talk about here - and the dynamics between a first date and lighting the fire under a long romance certainly has a different play book. This is exactly right and something women need to think about a lot more.

So many of the things that women say A mature womans secret desires them on desire, gifts, etc. The problematic double-think was displayed in one of the comments in another PT blog post about whether pretty women have it harder. One woman said "I'm pretty enough that men are intimidated and won't A mature womans secret desires me," and then in the next paragraph added "being pretty is a hassle because jerks are hitting on me all the time.

My guess is that women will find even more uncomfortable truths there. Thank you CVaughan for yet another voice and another perspective. So much to think about - isn't there?

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