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Story Story Writer Forum Community. Time Travel and Alternate Timelines. Founder: Penelope Perenbloom - Stories: 54 - Followers: 45 - id: This is a community of fics that I think have good plots.

The stories either contain time travel, or the story takes place in a world that is the result of time travel. A few of the stories are about timelines colliding with each other. Note that this is not a community of AUs. If you have a story written by you or someone else that you think should be in this community, feel free to PM me. No crossovers, please. Dragon Ball Eterna DBE by phikshun reviews 1, years Jordana brewster naked pussy the death of the Z fighters, humanity has forsaken technology in favor of ki, enhanced by traces of Saiyan bloodlines.

Military factions wage war in the name of the ancient Z warriors they claim as their founders. It is onto this strange, war-torn Earth that Patrizelli Gaia crashes her spaceship. But a world at war is just the beginning of Earth's troubles This is our enemy, the common enemy that the Eudoran Sapiens—AKA: Seiya-jins—have been fighting against in fear of being annihilated by!

What you see before you is not a child, but a monster in humanoid form. Arc IV now being uploaded. Mockingbird by Anshin's Archives reviews Chapter 14 up! What if My porn snap pic had been Gohan that travelled back in time instead of Trunks?

Would anything have changed? Would everything? This starts during the Trunks special, so if you haven't seen it, you'll be lost. Full Dbz near time travel sex comic inside. Goten and Trunks were just trying to fix the broken clock up on the lookout, Foto bokep kareena kapoor bugil one said anything about time-traveling! Oh, hey, is that Mr. But of course, time travel always has consequences, are Goten and Trunks ready to face them?

Violent Avenger by Saber Wing reviews When Trunks and Vegeta set out for Dbz near time travel sex comic casual training on planet Kanassa, they find far more than they bargained for.

A sinister evil has risen from among the ashes of a fallen race, and he Dbz near time travel sex comic revenge on those who destroyed his people. The Saiyans. Looking for Answers by Nindy Kyoko Shinretzu reviews A year-old Mirai Trunks decides he wants to learn how his father was at Big ass sex pohto exact same age and travels through space and time to sign on for Frieza's army. Trunks, Vegeta.

What's this button do? They end up on the planet Vegetasai where Vegeta is King and Goku is his right hand Dbz near time travel sex comic. The only fighter on this side of his dying world. An AU story that starts with Trunks right before he leaves for the future. The AU part of it starts in Chapter 3. A bit of an epic, but a good read overall.

Trunks, Goku - Complete. Stuck in the Forgotten Past by sydsyd reviews Young 12 year old Goku accidently transports himself to an unkown planet being purged by Bardock and his crew. Dbz near time travel sex comic finds him and has pity for the boy's amnesia and takes him in,unkowing that Goku is his own son!

Can Goku find his way home? How will Gohan cope with Videl meeting Bulma, Trunks, and. And what is Brolly doing here? So to settle things they make a bet.

But how do they prove who is right, Dbz near time travel sex comic they aren't sure if time traveling is real to begin with? Time and Again by Vegetasgirl01 reviews Bulma has a new invention. Goku stops by for lunch and gets himself and Vegeta into more trouble than he bargained for. Goku will experience a lot of cool things because of that trouble and Vegeta will experience something he wishes he hadn't.

Waiting by Noseless Wonder reviews Pan takes a trip to the past and makes some accidental changes, but they're changes she's going to like. Back on the Battlefield by Dbz near time travel sex comic reviews Vegeta has been trying to learn instant transmission.

One day while training, he sends him and Bulma back in time to when he first arrived on Earth. Can the two make ot back home without changing history? Read and find out! Now Trunks, from the future, is stuck in the past. Need I say more? Come On, Be Serious! Well this one does, and it does good some good for Goku! Or does it? Containing Thy Self by ShayL reviews After an accidental mishap with the time machine, Mirai Trunks, age 22, finds himself trapped in the time where Trunks is What should be a pleasant bonding experience turns into a battle of jealously, hatred, obsession, and fear.

Trunks, Trunks. Wild Occurrences by Sixteen Candl3s reviews Pan uses Bulma's time-machine in the hopes of mending her broken heart. She doesn't intend to travel to an alternate universe, Dbz near time travel sex comic she meets an alternate Trunks.

What's a girl to do when the man she's falling for isn't a part of her universe? A Change in Time by Infinite Pen reviews Mirai Trunks returns to the future only to discover he really did make a difference in his own timeline. But what are the consequences of this major change? How does he adjust? NOTE: M. Trunks - Complete. King Yemma, and Bulma try to find a way to prevent this future, while Gotenks struggles through it. What is this new enemie's relation to Gohan and can he be stopped?

From the Past, To the Future by Takuma reviews Something strange occurs as two saiyan men from the past come into present times of the Z senshi. Now they see the future in a strange, different way! Please Read and Review. Percussion by Nameless Boast reviews When the time stream itself appears to be falling apart, Trunks must again journey to the past to set right what has gone wrong. He gets far more than he bargained for, however, when he lands ten years later than he'd intended.

Crash Landing by Kinomiya reviews 16 and 17 year olds Bra and Pan travel back in time to get away from life for a while. What happens when they crash land and hide who they really are by Sexy creampies xxx movie to never have met any of the Z Fighters and having no knowledge of their powers?

They find the Dragon Balls and wish youthful versions of their fathers into their time line. Terms of Service.

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