But how much Facts about getting whiskey dick this is true and how much of it is gross old wives' tale? I mean, you should worry. You should definitely worry. In fact, you should probably rethink your life choices if you find yourself in that situation. But you won't get pregnant.

Morgentaler assures. Actually, do stay away from hot tub sex though. For this reason I tell my male patients interested in fertility to 'live clean and stay cool,'" says Dr. The "live clean" part refers to drug use — Dr. The "stay cool" part is literal: Men who soak in hot tubs regularly can have Facts about getting whiskey dick sperm counts.

Which is great news because any guy doing that is probably having sex all the time and needs to be propagating the species. No, swallowing is not especially good for you. However, I don't think we'll be seeing post-workout protein shakes based on semen anytime soon," says Dr. So, there's no reason to swallow or get a facial other than it's really, really, really, really really hot.

Eating a bunch of pineapple probably won't make it taste any better. The best example is asparagus," says Dr. But Beautiful nude portuguese girls. Morgentaler does suggest that "maybe it's time for a placebo-controlled trial?

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