Antscha returns in terrific wrestling shape. She could outmuscle Jonathan on sheer strength alone, but combined with her wrestling skill it ends up as total destruction. Antscha knows she's physically Playboy playmate peggy nude superior, so she plays Girl mix wrestling man nude Jonathan lika a cat with a mouse. If he's not being squashed between her rock-hard thighs, he's being crushed beneath her glutes of steel.

Antscha clamps his face tight between her legs, pinning him flat beneath her and shows off her six-pack. She reverse headscissors him, forcing his face tight into her butt. Antscha's back and ready to rock! UK debut of black belt judoka Diana, who has a great reputation as a wrestler. Here she takes on Axa Jay, who's fast becoming one of the best middleweights around. Girl mix wrestling man nude 5ft 9 and lb, Diana outweighs her substantially but lacks Axa's pure wrestling technique.

This is a fantastic match, with Axa frequently trying to catch Diana in her headscissors and Diana responding with crushing bodyscissors and armlocks. The match is very fast-paced and Axa's never-surrender attitude is something to see.

Much applause at the end for a very well-fought fight. Axa enjoys her wrestling, especially when there's an outclassed man to dominate. She pulls him straight into her waiting scissors and he doesn't know what's hit him. She's soon twisting and torturing him, moving easily from one humiliating hold to another. Axa is fast and knows her stuff - and has an answer for every time he tries to escape. Watch out for her single leg boston crab and her crushing headscissors.

Axa smiles as she puts him into every painful hold - no-one enjoys demonstrating her mat Girl mix wrestling man nude more! BJJ-trained Lina returns in her new, tight white gi! They decide Girl mix wrestling man nude meet privately Girl mix wrestling man nude settle who has the best mat skills. Poison is shocked to see Lina's skills - and how merciless in using her feet to torture her!

Lina uses juji-gatame and sankaku holds to dominate, then forces her feet onto her opponent's face. Poison is strong, but no match for the Swedish BJJ expert. Lina strips her of her belt and forces her into a humiliating foot-kissing one foot after another!

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