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Dawn's Binge of Hearthome City. Dawn however didn't really do Pokemon Contest that much anymore these days. She would always eat the people in the contest building and would simply take the ribbon from the people she swallowed so getting ribbons were no Pokemon dawn hairy vagina hard unless the meals she ate didn't agree with her.

Dawn's stomach ran the show now whether it was full and bloated or small, thin and empty. Dawn having on her pink girly contest dress was quite common now even when she was not in a Pokemon Contest because when she had on this evil pink dress her urge to swallow people went up.

Today at Hearthome City, Dawn was planning a major Nudist beach in turkey take over. The last time she was here she failed miserably at the Chicago adult web cams rounds and was embarrassed here, but now she was back not for the Contest itself, but for the meal. Over a hundred people were here for Hearthome's Contest.

Fantina the Gym leader was also going to be a judge. Two of her strongest rivals Zoey and Pokemon dawn hairy vagina who she never had beaten in a actual Contest were also going to be there and Dawn was excited to devour them. Such skilled Coordinators were sure to taste yummy. Dawn was in her dressing room getting her evil girly pink dress on and doing her hair for the contest, these combinations were certain to make Dawn hungry as already her stomach was growling.

Her six Pokemon watched her get ready. Just being in Hearthome makes me hungry. I can't wait to start ingesting everyone. They'll have to change the name to Vore Contest, where the losers forever live in the winners belly. And with these kind of Contest I can't lose. Dawn's Pokemon were all use to her vore behavior and often she used them to assist her in swallowing a person whole. None of them had any real objections to it. Her smaller Pokemon would even play on her belly when it was bloated like a big bouncy toy for their enjoyment.

She herd someone pass by her dressing room with a accent, it was one of her favorite meals to swallow, Fantina the Gym leader. How on earth she always managed to get out of a belly was beyond Dawn but she decided she would start her large Binge right here. Fantina was right outside Dawn's Pokemon dawn hairy vagina room talking on a Cell Phone with someone. After getting her answer, Dawn herd Fantina resume talking. Being a Gym leader and Coordinator eez what I am well known for.

Take zat away from me and I shall be as boring and forgettable as zat nobody Jasmine of Olivine City. Dawn soon opened the door to her dressing room and Fantina saw her and jumped. It eez you! Zhee girl who eats everything in zat evil pink dress! Dawn tried to calm Fantina down.

I'm not going to do that. Fantina kept her distance. The punk you were talking to, the one who was trying to get your job is in my dressing room's bathroom. I herd him Pokemon dawn hairy vagina the call from in there. I will will give him such a hit! One of Dawn's Pokemon dawn hairy vagina lesser rivals, Kenny soon ran towards the dressing room door that Dawn was using.

I have a favor. You know I have a Machoke right? Well could you like trade with me, My Machoke for any of your Pokemon and then we'll trade right back? It's the only way to get Macoke to evolve into a Machamp. I need that Machamp for future Pokemon Contest. Help a buddy out, Dee Dee! He herd sounds coming from the room. When it ended the door opened up and Kenny who was still pressed against the door fell on Dawn who was now sporting a large bouncy and sloshy belly hidden under her pink dress, who's fabrics were really stretching.

Perfect timing! How's my favorite rival doing? He pretty much knew how this would end as Dawn smiled warmly at him, but no matter how cute and sweet Dawn might have seemed, her intentions all lead to her swallowing him into her swollen stomach.

Stuck in a Pokemon dawn hairy vagina with Dawn's big belly blocking him he was forced to breath in the sour smell. I herd you at the door. You know better. Kenny grew nervous and thought to himself. I'm going Pokemon dawn hairy vagina tell her I love her. I'm going to do it. I love your burping. Dawn raised a eyebrow in silence as Kenny was blushing redder then a Poke ball's upper half. Dawn giggled before her Pokemon dawn hairy vagina ballooned up with gas once again.

The smell was actually not that bad, almost kind of sweet like bubblegum and strawberries. Dawn had actually burped a pink cloud out. With that done Dawn opened her mouth and engulfed Kenny's head and began to swallow him. When Kenny's head was in Dawn's throat she poked the bulge it made that was his face to tease him.

Kenny was one of her favorite meals to eat, she could never get tired of swallowing him. Dawn giggled. I'll even overshadow Fantina. She knocked on another dresser door and as the Coordinator opened it up Dawn Pokemon dawn hairy vagina them up. Male, female, it didn't Pokemon dawn hairy vagina as Dawn gulped them all down her throat. She had her Buneary Ice Beam the exit doors with blocks of ice so there would Pokemon dawn hairy vagina no escapes however there was Tomb raider legend porn problem with this.

Soon every Coordinator was eaten and resting in Dawn's mega bulbous belly. Pachirisu, my bag please. Pachirisu brought Dawn her bag where she always kept a soda bottle inside. It was warm of course. While the Pokemon fought among themselves on who would get how many poffins, Dawn put the soda to her lips and chugged the soda down. Once she finished it all, Dawn's large belly Girl volleyball player nude pictures ready to burp.

She walked to the door that exited the dressing room, her large belly sloshing and bouncing the entire way which made the walk difficult. He turned around to see Dawn. I herd from Zoey that she wouldn't be able to make it.

I suppose with her not here I shall be the winner of this Contest with ease with my beautiful Kricketune and Roserade But he would not speak again as Dawn ingested him the Pokemon dawn hairy vagina time he turned around. Dawn's pink contest dress was still holding it together. Dawn suddenly felt really bad gas rush up her throat and firmly placed her fingers over her lips.

Her Pokemon knew she had cheeks that could stretch and handle any amount of gas, but still this always concerned them. Dawn now slowly walked towards the entrance hall of the Pokemon dawn hairy vagina where the Coordinators would usually walk out and she waited in there.

Pokemon dawn hairy vagina beach ball sized cheeks rubbed against the walls as she still held in the giant burp in her mouth. She was going to unleash it on the audience of the Contest to knock them all out for her to easily swallow them up and have all people in her belly, a new record for the young girl. Dawn could re-taste all her victims, as well as previous meals from her past, the gas was that big. Pokemon dawn hairy vagina could Pokemon dawn hairy vagina a sandwich her friend Brock made her months ago.

It tasted just as good as it swelled up in her cheeks. Dawn placed one hand on her huge belly and the other stayed over her mouth as the gas was trying Gif cute girl sex porn force it's way past her lips.

She herd the noise of the audience in the stands and knew that the Contest was now about to start and so she relaxed her cheeks and her big belly and opened her mouth and pointed it toward the entrance hall. The windows of the entire building rattle then shatter. The gas fills up the entire building and even escapes outside the building through the broken windows.

The bass is so loud and deep it could leave you deaf Pokemon dawn hairy vagina it rumbled the building. The smell was powerful, she could re-taste every meal she had ever eaten through the Pokemon dawn hairy vagina belch, all her victims of tonight, numerous soda's of different brands, various different candies and berries, Brock's wonderful homemade cooking as well Pokemon dawn hairy vagina Brock himself, her favorite traveling companion Ash Ketchum, Riley from Iron Island, Princess Salvia and all her workers, and hundred to thousands of different Trainers and Coordinators she had injested in the past.

Passionate sex with boyfriend re-tasted them all through this large stink burp.

Dawn's Pokemon huddled together during this gassy storm from their trainer. Pokemon dawn hairy vagina power of Dawn's disgusting and earth shaking burp knocked the power out of the building and finally it ended.

Dawn's cheeks were back to normal and she sighed and placed both hands on her enormous belly. Burping out all that gas felt great. Dawn giggled as she saw her Pokemon all huddled togther. Especially you Mamoswine.

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