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Another one of my favourite anime series. The first occurance is in Episode 1 To love ru darkness girls nude the first OAV where Lala discovers the love men have for boobs, and so constructs a missle I know right!

Unfortunately it misfires and hits Rito in another part of the school, causing him to change genders and become Riko. The first time Rito transformed into a girl, his friend Saruyama fell in love with him, not realising that this To love ru darkness girls nude was actually Rito. You would have though Rito would be getting used to being changed into a girl but he still finds the situation as awkward as ever! This is the most ecchi series so far and the To love ru darkness girls nude of Episode 5 has Riko examining her naked body in a full length mirror, then at the start of Episode 6 he is being groped Black women public upskirt no panties on his bed by two other girls from Deviluke before transforming back to his male self.

Oh, and there is an uncensored version out as well. Ren wants to be the most manly of men, whereas Run is a girl idol. The gender swap occurs in multiple episodes thoughout all the series. Your email address will not be published. Please enable JavaScript to submit this form. Do you like gender swap stories? Gender Transformation. StepIdiop says:. July 20, at am.

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