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Skip to this video now. Play Video. Police officer shot in face, fires back at suspect. A veteran Georgia police officer was shot in the face Thursday morning and has been hospitalized in critical condition, authorities said. Officer shot and killed in Alabama. In Mobile, Alabama, Officer Sean Tuder was caught under fire while executing an arrest warrant on suspect Marco Perez, who is now charged with murder. Police officer fatally shot just before starting shift.

Authorities are searching for a suspect in death of a Louisiana police officer who was shot just before her shift Wednesday night. Now Playing: Police officer shot in face, fires back at suspect.

Now Playing: Officer shot and killed in Alabama. Now Playing: Police officer fatally shot just before starting shift. Now Playing: Her son had a stroke at What a mom wants parents to know about strokes and kids.

Now Playing: Police officer pops the question to his fiance at his police graduation ceremony. Now Playing: We can 'hair-dly' believe how this woman transforms hairstyles into sculptures. Now Playing: Police kill man wielding machete in Hollywood. Now Playing: Remains possibly found of kidnapped Alabama college African son fuck is mom. Now Playing: Partial building collapse in Cincinnati. Now Playing: Michael Bloomberg kicks off campaign in Virginia. Now Playing: Adam Schiff announces impeachment report will be released shortly.

Now Playing: Beloved African son fuck is mom sheriff killed in line of duty. Now Playing: Trio of storms snarling holiday travel across the country. Now Playing: Bloomberg in race, impeachment battle, Ginsburg returns and Navy secretary fired.

Now Playing: Woman's body found in back seat of burning car. Now Playing: Michael Bloomberg officially enters presidential race. Now Playing: Navy secretary Richard Spencer fired. Now Playing: Impeachment showdown continues for Trump after public hearings. All rights reserved. Son accidently shoots pregnant mom African son fuck is mom. The 4-year-old found a gun under a mattress, authorities said. Related Extras. Related Videos. Video Transcript. Transcript for Son accidently shoots pregnant mom.

Is really sad. That that happened and. It's crazy. It's the kind of nice meeting beavers heat to think about insight is staggering apartment key county sheriff's deputies say a forty Mary anne porn star old boy. Accidentally shot his pregnant mom while she was lying on the bed.

And don't ever wanna see something like this they're nice people and eight kids tomorrow is playing outside barrel as us are within this frame. This is hosting. And our prayers moms can. Get be say the toddler found a loaded gun between the African son fuck is mom and actress and box spring.

That somehow the gun went off that was unsecured there and he grabbed it and before anybody knew what happened heard a pop sound. And the mom was shot deputies say the boy's dad put the gun between the actress because he was worried about recent climb in the neighborhood investigators say they got hadn't been secured it any other point.

And one other child lived there. I think the hope going forward is that. Guns are locked up in peoples house's so something tragic like this doesn't happen.

Because now this child's going to be affected forever and we're hoping and praying that the mums going to be okay in this situation. In January and new state gun law went into effect African son fuck is mom of initiative Requires seat gun storage or gun owners could face a felony.

If you have a gun and people can have guns that's okay. But lock up your guns something this community is thinking about. As well as spots but the 27 year old mom sees a very strong woman armed armed principles. She's going to be fine.

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