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Last Updated on April 2, It almost makes me want to get up and move halfway around the world! Dolph Lambert combines wholesome blond good looks with down-to-earth farm boy roots, a recipe for a true Bel Ami superstar. A music fan, he loves rock, blues, jazz and good music in general but not hip-hop. He really blossomed; every experience was new. Kevin comes from a difficult family background and has essentially been on his own since the age of 14 or 15, supporting himself as he finished school.

The neck tattoo is an expression of his tough life experiences. There is a bit of impishness in him, a lot of caring and a good sense of humor. He is also the least egotistical of all the Bel Ami boys.

Sexually, Kevin was tentative and shy in the beginning. But following his trips to Africa inyou could perceive a major change in him in all sorts of ways. We have learned that he is a little bit dirty, sexually, but it comes from a place of innocent, pure exploration. This is a rare quality. George feels he has the qualities of a young Johan Paulik and will become a first-rate trainer in the future. Kris came to us when Ami s angels young teen models was 18 years old through our Hungarian Ami s angels young teen models. At the time he was very boyish.

He now has three different looks: his first pictures, then his return with shorter hair and sideburns, and his current style. He looks like three different people. Duroy recalls. He felt he was heterosexual. I told him to give us a call down the road and I am Ami s angels young teen models he did.

Mick was the first American we signed as an exclusive model, and the 2nd that we Free safe porn vids on the site. In a bit of a baptism by fire, one of his first experiences with us was on our March trip to Australia where we did a little filming and attended the Sydney GLBT Mardi Gras. Since then Mick has been over to Europe several times filming and we are very pleased with how it is working out.

Simply put, Lukas is the face of Bel Ami. It is difficult to properly describe the impact he has had on the company and in the lives of those who work here, starting with George Duroy himself.

Our Bel Ami customers have seen Lukas cameo in a number of our documentaries as a cameraman, and he works behind the scenes with us to this day. These are only 5 of who I think are the hottest models Bel Ami has to offer. Share on:. Q Hey all! I'm Mr.

Q I started MaleQ with the goal of answering all the questions I had about gay sex, dating and relationships when I was just starting out. Does it hurt??? Leave a Reply Ami s angels young teen models reply. Close Menu.

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