Diaper Girl Emma. It had been months since Emma approached Rumpelstiltskin asking to Diapered teen girls fiction her his "little girl. She Diapered teen girls fiction making it to the bathroom in time so she'd wind up wetting her cute little girl panties. Today she'd wet herself again after drinking way too much apple juice and having to wait to use the bathroom. She grew so frustrated she started sobbing on the floor in Diapered teen girls fiction soaked panties and shorts.

Gold found her and gave her comfort by hugging her and cooing into her ear that it was okay. Of course she never knew he was purposefully trying to get Diapered teen girls fiction to have accidents so he could make her his baby girl.

While he was bathing her she finally decided to give in. The blonde could see his smile without even looking Diapered teen girls fiction him. He loved being called that. With a deep breath she let it out in a rush. She was too old to be having accidents no matter her real age or little age. It was embarrassing. He felt awful for how he'd needed to make her wear diapers but the end result was worth it.

I'll make sure we have everything we need. But just so you know, you will be wearing full-sized diapers unless we go into town, where you will be wearing adult-sized pull-ups. You'll drink from bottles, eat in a highchair, dress like a baby, and use only your diaper Diapered teen girls fiction in public. Emma looked shocked as he listed the rules of her new life.

It wasn't what she'd agreed to but it was what she deserved for not controlling herself. Once she was clean and dry, Gold carried her to the nursery to dress her. He loved the little gasp he Diapered teen girls fiction from her when she saw her pretty pink canopy over her crib and the wardrobe full of frilly dresses and diapers. He set her down on the changing table and got to work diapering her. Some diaper cream and baby powder to prevent you from getting a rash all over you little princess parts.

Emma blushed as he rubbed her mound, feeling her lower lips getting a little wet from the attention to that area. She unintentionally wiggled her hips when his fingers slid over them and watched Gold grin. She was, after all, still a woman in body and mind. A woman with needs that hadn't been fulfilled in months. Thankfully she was growing too restless to notice the magic he sent through it to make her less capable of holding it when she'd need to go.

She whined and moved her hand to touch herself only to have her hand smacked away. The blonde looked up at him, annoyed that she was stopped. Gold smirked as her whines turned into little moans of pleasure. Keep being good and Daddy will let you have cummies. He let his thumb slowly circle her clit while Diapered teen girls fiction finger continued to slip in and out of her. The little moans and gasps coming from the beautiful baby girl had him aching but he Samantha ruth nude hair fus.

com she wouldn't be ready for that. After a few minutes she came with a loud cry. Daddy is so proud of you. It's getting late. Gold kissed her forehead before setting her in the crib and tucking her in.

Daddy loves you. Then he turned on a little night light before leaving the room, turning the lights off behind him. Emma looked at the ceiling as she waited to fall asleep, trying to get used to the surroundings though she could hardly see them.

The feel of the diaper around her pelvis was Oddly comforting? And there was an instinctual need to suck on the pacifier that she gradually gave in to. This isn't so bad. She thought. It's actually really nice. She grasped at a cute stuffed unicorn and clutched it to her chest as she started to drift off. I could get used to this. With that last thought in her head, she drifted gently off to sleep.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Emma decided she wanted to relive childhood with Mr. Gold as her Daddy. Now she's having accidents and is forced to regress to a baby.

Don't like it, don't read it. Diaper Girl Emma It had been months since Emma approached Rumpelstiltskin asking to make her his "little girl. The author would like to thank you for your continued support.

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