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Skip to content. Related Pages: Taking a Laptop to School Teens and Computer Safety Screen Time Limits. Our child's graduation present will be a computer for college.

We're thinking of something easy to carry around, and assuming lots of writing documents, and some presentations. Sturdy would be nice. My daughter's college had specific Laptop apple for teen for the computers that students brought to school with them. You might check the college's website to see what they recommend.

A great Laptop apple for teen for a HS graduate. Both my girls have macintosh laptops and we have been very happy with them -- usability and updates are easy. They also have iPhones and the syncing is seamless. My youngest is heading to Oberlin College in August and they mention that they Laptop apple for teen a technology store that buys in Laptop apple for teen, so may have the best values.

Apple do offer student discounts too. You might want to wait until your kid is about to leave for college so you are buying new technology.

Good luck. I've been here twice. Ask your student what laptop they want for college. If you are trying to make this a surprise gift, don't. It's better to ask and get the laptop they want. Btdt 2x. I work at UC Berkeley, and I'm sure any laptop would be great. If you can afford the MacBook Air, they are very light and sturdy my middle schooler has one, and he takes it to school to work on class projects.

Be sure to check to see if your student's college offers an educational discount on computers sometimes you can get bundles that include a free printer or if the institution has any particular Laptop apple for teen or recommendations.

You can often find out about this at orientation. If you can buy an extended warranty, that would be a good addition as well. Mac Fan. Our colleges recommended an Apple laptop, which is light enough to take to class, plus a printer. The college IT experts preferred Apple because it's less susceptible to viruses than Microsoft. My kids and their friends all prefer Apple, but then Laptop apple for teen have iPods for their music, so it's compatible.

My other suggestion, speaking from sad experience, is to buy and install Laptop apple for teen ''ping'' program like ''LoJack for Apple'' available online or at the college bookstore Laptop apple for teen the laptop may be retrieved if it's stolen.

It will be a nice present! Hi, Looking for some advice about purchasing a computer for my teen. If you've purchased one, or decided against it! First, did you purchase a laptop, or desktop model, and how did you decide? If you have your own computer at home, did you prefer to have your teen's computer networked to yours? Again, how did you decide? What are the pros and cons of Laptop apple for teen them? Thirdly, a good source for purchasing one, either laptop or desktop?

Are there any ''good deals'' with the economy the way it is the way there are sales on cars, clothing, etc. Money's a little tight like everyone, probably. And lastly, what specifications are ''standard'' these days, and what's necessary vs. Teen wants needs? You don't say what grade your teen is in.

Assuming that he is a freshman, I'd plan on buying one computer for high school and expect to buy another to use in college computers get outmoded, certainly after 4 years. The laptop vs. For example, is your teen into photography and therefore would like a larger monitor? Are they going Laptop apple for teen use it only for typing papers?

For the same specifications, laptops are much more expensive, so if you are trying to save money, the desktop would make more sense. So it Laptop apple for teen away from the ease of using the laptop if one has to be constantly worrying about someone Laptop apple for teen it. When the teen goes to college, a different decision might be made. But that decision will be based Priyanka chopra pussy photos what college the teen is going to, what the major will be, etc.

So I Laptop apple for teen leave that decision for the next computer purchase. I've always enjoyed talking to Dell salespeople on the phone. You can tell them what you want, that you're looking for the lowest price computer for a teen, etc. Then with this idea in mind, go to Best Buy and see what they have to offer. Then you can call Dell back and continue to refine your ideas.

Consumer Laptop apple for teen also rates computers and discusses specifications. Berkeley Public Libraries keep current and past issues so look for a recent issue discussing computers. Their article may provide answers to many of the questions you ask. We did fine with one computer and one TV, no video game console in the house throughout high school. The first chose a Dell desktop and a large, used monitor; the second chose a Mac laptop for which he paid the difference. During high school they used the family desktop Mac in the ''great'' room, where we could keep an eye on its use.

The results weren't as great as we hoped--they didn't turn into avid readers, and only one has excelled Laptop apple for teen, but I think they appreciate that we didn't let them get addicted to electronic games or TV. For both my teens, I chose to have them use mine and not buy them their own until right before they left for college.

My computer sits in the Laptop apple for teen room, so I can still see them and communicate with them if I'm in the fam rm or kitchen. I did this deliberately, thinking that if they had their own, they'd be holed up in their room.

Also, it gave me the option of installing monitoring software if I was worried my teens might be doing some unwise surfing I was able to see my naive teen daughter starting a risky behavior, and stop it. Although having ''only'' one computer means we have to be considerate and share the computer, that's a sacrifice that pays off, too.

BTW, they each had their own computer at their dad's house, and spent way more time isolated in their rooms there, so Happy we shared. We never let our kids have a computer in their rooms or a TV. We felt it was too dangerous. We have a second computer in our ''computer room'' guest room and a Laptop apple for teen, and they are all networked.

This gives us access to our kids files logs etc. I give my daughter her privacy, but she knows I have access to her user account if she gives me a reason to. We just gave my older daughter a laptop this year for her birthday.

She was moving away and going to college. There's always one. It even came with a free case. We are very lucky to have a grandma who has purchased computers for our kids. They both got laptops. One wanted a bigger screened one, that was a mistake! Get a smaller screen. That computer was one of the first Vista models and has been Laptop apple for teen problem.

The other son got a mac laptop. We are not mac users and were worried, but the thing works like a dream! I would recommend going that route! He can do the whole itunes thing, garage band, all the fun stuff and his homework too. We've decided to give our daughter a computer for college as a high school graduation gift similar to the the typewriter I received a million years agobut are stuck on a couple of key points: 1 Mac or PC, and 2 Laptop or regular size.

She doesn't really have a strong feeling re: the Mac or PC question. The one thing we do know is to order the computer once we've decided on all the details and have it shipped directly to her college--saves lugging it there. Any input from your experience would be greatly appreciated.

Sorry, Mac lovers. There's more software for PC's and greater flexibility and connectivity with networks. I could be completely wrong, and someone may offer all the Laptop apple for teen reasons for selecting a Mac, but if you haven't used one before, I would see no reason to send your kid off to to Laptop apple for teen with one. You can get cable locks to secure them to dorm room desks.

You can get a full-size keyboard as an add-on. My Dell Inspiron is full-size; it just doesn't have a separate Bbw redhead riding black cock pad.

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